NFT Games That Seek Attention From Crypto Fanatics

Online games have been in the picture for a very long period. Earlier, there used to be games that you could play, and the only reward you used to earn was ranked in the game itself.

However, due to technological advancements, multiple online games have initiated the new trend of rewarding the winners in the form of money that they can use. Due to the rise in the value of crypto genius, multiple games are now available where you can in the form of crypto. Isn’t that exciting?

So, NFT games allow winning rewards in cryptocurrency that you can utilize anytime. Moreover, you can also buy multiple in-game articles using crypto to enhance your gaming experience. This is your guide to learning more about these games and knowing which ones are hitting the charts nowadays. So let’s go.


Silk is the game of the new generation. It is a metaverse game with many gaming options that will help you play and earn cryptocurrency. The theme of this game is horse riding. The best thing about this game is that it is powered by real-world horse racing, and the touch of metaverse will take your experience to other heights. This is one of the best NFT games that you can play to earn and have fun in the current times.


This game is similar to the games that one plays on the phone or online. Here, you can create the avatar of your choice and customize the same later or whenever you wish to. After your avatar is created, your player enters into the virtual along with other users/players. Here you can easily communicate and interact with fellow players. Here, you can purchase virtual plots used to make real estate. This real estate is showcased as the NFT token, which you cab very conveniently sell in the open marketplace.


This is a fun game that is built upon the Ethereum platform. Here, you can create your virtual pets, and they are called axies. These pets fight, and you can defeat them to earn rewards or tokens. All you have to do is defeat the other axis and earn more and more rewards. Moreover, this game is completely fair as it is fought between the bots and supported by smart contract technology. Thus, this is an easy concept game that you can play as a beginner to earn some rewards

My Neighbor Alice

Everybody has played the Jurassic Park game where you have to build an entire park over a piece of land so that you can breed dinosaurs. Similarly, in this NFT game, all you have to do is purchase the virtual land and construct a farming business. The more assets you add to your virtual farm, the more valuable your land becomes. You can add multiple assets like more animals, decorations, and vegetables to make your farm look more attractive. So, this game is based on a very simple concept, and hence, you will enjoy this.


Cryptokitties is one of the first NFT games launched in the market. Here, all you have to do is breed the virtual kittens. The player can breed the kitties, and the more kitties you breed, the more tokens you earn. Each kittie is a token that is 100% original, and you can sell them in the market to earn profits.


If you like the pirate games and the war, you will love this game as this game is completely based on that theme. Here all you have to do is build pirate crews virtually along with the ships. Then you have to battle with other players to earn tokens. Moreover, this is the most recent game in the market as it was launched in 2022.

You can also earn rare kinds of NFTs while playing this game in the form of enhanced ships, which can be very easily sold in the open market.

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