Best Gaming Laptops for 2022 To Get Your Hands-On

With technological advancements, gaming laptops are progressing neck to neck with gaming PCs and consoles. We come across some of the amazing machines in the market that have proven themselves to be worthy of their title.

However, to feel the raw power of a gaming machine, you need to have a high-end graphics module, amazing processing power, surreal display, and fast-speed internet. We shall be looking at some of the amazing machines ahead but for the internet, you can consider Windstream Internet as it ensures the absolute combination for gaming performance.

Windstream provides the top-notch internet speed needed to run heavy games without lags or disruptions. You can reach out to its customer service and get an optimal plan for your gaming needs. If that’s settled, let’s get check out some of the amazing laptops to get your hands on in 2022:


When brilliance meets premium gaming specs, you get ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G15. Inspired by the G14 series, it has a 15inch gaming screen with 165 QHD/ 1440P display. Boosted by the combined performance from the AMD processing chip and NVidia’s GPU, it’s able to play AAA titles without breaking a sweat.

Next, you get a satisfyingly surreal gaming keyboard and touchpad that makes it feel like rubbing on silk when using them. Although gaming laptops are often not considered because of their low-end battery timing, the ROG Zephyrus G15 has an outstanding 8.5 hours battery backup that makes it highly portable.

Though it doesn’t have a webcam and does not come cheap, it still ranks the highest on the list of the best gaming laptops to get in 2022.


Competing with ASUS is the Razer Blade series and the latest 17-series flagship has made its mark in the market with its outstanding performance. But it’s not just the performance that makes it so compelling. The slim 17inch display and chassis are as light as a notebook, making it highly stylish even for a gaming laptop.

Apart from that, you’re getting a 240Hz refresh rate QHD screen that comes with an epic display resolution, able to run high-tier titles without any hassle. Well known for its RGB customization, the Blade 17 allows per-key color customization, which is super amazing.

Again, being among gaming laptops, it’s not cheap and is quite costly, making you think of getting your hands on a gaming PC. However, if you’re thinking of a gaming laptop, then it’s worth the shot.


The Legion series made quite an impressive entry in the market, particularly the Legion 7 series. However, the Legion 5 was quite promising, and filling in its boots is the Legion 5 Pro series. Powered by the AMD 5000 processor, the Legion 5 Pro can give a relentless performance for extensive gaming needs.

In addition to this, the 165Hz gaming display with its native 2560 x 1600 resolution gives a satisfactory gaming performance that one can ask for. But its screen power is complemented by its 16:10 screen, which makes it easier for users to enjoy everyday tasks and gaming on the go.

Apart from that, it offers 1.5mm key travel and a 4-zone programmable RGB lighting, bringing the surreal gaming vibe that one can ask for. However, the poor battery timing of just 4-5 hours is somewhat a downfall for this machine.

It’s a good option if you’re looking for a gaming laptop with a solid performance and a good display under 2 grand.


This gaming laptop comes with 11th Gen processing power (12th Gen will be available soon) that makes it high-end in terms of performance.

Apart from that, it comes with a whopping 360 Hz display, amazing enough to bring crisp details from every angle. You can opt for a QHD screen or 1080P screen (the latter comes with a high refresh rate).

However, even with its flashy RGB lighting functionality, the chassis build is thick and bulky, which is disappointing as it minimizes portability for the users. Apart from that, the battery timing isn’t up to par with some of the best-tiered gaming laptops.

It’s a good choice if you don’t plan on being mobile and have an electrical supply for constant charging. However, one should consider other options too before settling for this one.


Another gem from the ASUS ROG series is the Strix G15 advantage edition that comes with AMD Processor and GPU. The best thing about this machine is the outstanding battery performance that can run high-tiered games at high frame rates without requiring a charger, making it one of the longest-lasting gaming laptops.

Apart from that, the flashy LEDs, RGB keyboard, colorful strip around its edge, and bold design make it a dependable edition. The combination of AMD processor and GPU makes it boost performance for gaming demanded by its user. Again, it can last 9 hours on battery, making it one of the best options for portability.

This gaming laptop is all good if you’re looking for an all-AMD-built device, giving a solid performance and outstanding battery workability.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the best gaming laptop requires a great deal of work. You’ve got to inspect almost everything since it’s a costly investment and you don’t want to regret it later. The ones we’ve listed above hold a great position in the market that you can certainly depend upon when looking for a formidable choice. So, make your bids and get gaming!

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