5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Customers to Notice Them

Small businesses can find sustained success challenging. If you own one of these startup companies, you know you have to stand out and get customers and potential customers to notice you. Finding ways to do that is seldom easy.

We will go over how you can get your potential client base to notice you in a crowded market. Several of these techniques have proven effective and are worth considering.

Create and Display Targeted Banner Ads

Generating unique and eye-catching banner ads can help potential customers notice your company when you are trying to gain prominence within your niche. Banner ads don’t usually cost all that much to create. If you compare them to how much it costs to produce certain other advertising forms, they are a veritable bargain.

You will need to find a company willing to create these banner ads for you. They will want some input as to what the ads should feature. They might simply show your company’s logo or direct someone who clicks on them to your website. Alternatively, they might feature one of your new services or popular products if you’re trying to draw attention to it.

These ads should employ eye-catching colors and graphics. The company you hire to create them can show you some possible templates that you can modify as you see fit. According to INC Authority review post by SmallBusinessHQ post, one of the main differences between a startup and a small business is the intent for growth.

Launch a Fun Social Media Marketing Campaign

Every company needs to utilize social media to help them generate interest from potential customers. You can do market research to determine what platforms your customer base generally uses. 

Different age groups might use various platforms, and you should also factor in marital status, income level, ethnicity, gender, and other factors. You might conduct focus groups and ask your customer base what social media platforms they like to use.

Once you’ve figured out what platforms should get most of your focus, you can craft a social media marketing campaign to get people talking about your brand, products, and services. You’ll want to have your marketing team brainstorm to come up with some fresh, new ideas that will grab the viewer’s attention. Use an advertisement maker to create fun and personalized ads.

You probably can’t afford to hire a big celebrity to promote your products if you have a small startup company. Instead, you’ll need to use your creativity to come up with ideas that will compel someone to buy from you. You can also try to go viral, getting your company on the map if not many people know about it yet.

Try Some Guerilla Marketing Tactics

You can also try some unusual guerrilla marketing tactics if you’ve already tried some more conventional ones and you haven’t seen the sales or the market penetration that you’d like. Again, you’ll need to talk to your marketing team about the best options and how you can employ them.

Working on graphic assets can make your time and effort go a long way For instance, using a free logo design tool can give you are great brand focus. Presumably, you won’t have unlimited money for marketing, and your team should try to stretch those dollars as much as they can.

You might hire some stencil graffiti artists to spray paint your company’s logo or product pictures on the sidewalk. You can also paper a locale with leaflets or fliers, affixing them to surfaces at convenient locations where people will see them, like at bus or train stops in major cities.

You might use social media to get your potential customers to go on a treasure hunt for a chance to win free products. You can employ a flash mob to dance or perform in a crowded location to promote brand awareness, or you might hand out free stickers with your company logo.

Engage in Some Local SEO

You probably already know how SEO can help your company. If you employ it correctly, you can get your website to the top of the search engine ranking positions whenever someone types certain keywords and phrases into Google. You can also update and expand your site’s content so that people will spend more time there and hopefully convert by buying your products or using your services.

SEO can do more than that, though. You can use local SEO to generate interest from a specific market, which small companies should definitely find beneficial. You can do some geo-specific keyword research. That means coming up with a keyword list having to do with your locale. You can then add those words or phrases to your website to encourage locals to visit your site.

You can also spend some time optimizing the Google My Business listing. When someone types in your company name, they should find your website at the top of the SERPs. However, they should also get to your site through the Google My Business listing if they take some time to explore it. That listing should have a link to your site, but also your physical address, if you have one, your hours, your company’s phone number, email address, etc.

Hire a Marketing Firm to Generate Some Ideas for You

If you own a very small business, you might not have a full-time marketing team or even a single marketing employee working for you. You have to handle your marketing on the fly, which might produce some hit-or-miss results.

You probably can’t hire a marketing firm to work for you full-time, and you may not even have the money to get them to do a major ad campaign for you. You can still schedule a consultation with them to see if they can generate some ideas for you.

Maybe you can’t pay them to handle every marketing campaign aspect for you, but if you meet with them and talk about your niche, your products, and what you’d like to accomplish, they can probably advise you for a relatively low consulting fee. You can use some of their ideas to jumpstart the campaign yourself. If you can scrape the money together to hire the marketing firm to run a modest-sized campaign for you, that’s even better.

These tactics combined should get more potential customers to notice your company.

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