5 Places to Download Premium Templates FREE for Microsoft Office

In workplaces, employees are writing a lot of business papers and sending piles of emails in the contemporary times. As we all know, in today’s fast-paced business environment, developing business papers from scratch for every new opportunity may easily turn into a time-consuming and resource-consuming process, which might be better spent on other business-critical duties.

There are many other free templates sites for Microsoft office that can help you do the most hectic task in just a few minutes. Following are the five best websites that will make it possible for you to complete such tasks in due time by providing you with free professional templates for your every need.

Best Sites for Free Microsoft Office Templates

Templates will help you to boost your productivity by providing the framework for your document that you will only need to fill in the empty spaces according to your needs. Following are the top sites for your free Microsoft office template downloads.

Word Templates Online

Wordtemplatesonline.net is a website that provides you with access to hundreds of free templates that you may use at your place of employment, at your place of business, or even for personal matters like leaving a last will for your loved ones. When you go to Word Templates Online for the first time, you will see that there are three categories to choose from, such as certificates, contracts and businesses.

However, Microsoft Office templates have made this task easy. You may reuse the same structure and style in numerous business documents for all sorts of information, from sales plans to marketing calendars, corporate budgets, meeting minutes, Swot Analysis, and more.

It mainly focuses on Microsoft Word documents. Select the appropriate template from the thousand options available when you find the most relevant ones and click on download. This website provides you with great previews of the templates that you want to select so you could read the content before downloading it. Then download the desired template in Microsoft Word. The fact that you do not have to register for an account in order to use the free templates is one of the best parts of using this source.

Microsoft Office Online

What is better than the original? With Microsoft Office Online, you can easily find Word templates. Your templates will be straight from Microsoft if you use this resource. To make it easy to find templates, Microsoft Word categorizes them neatly by keyword or occasion. There are also a large number of free Word templates available. For example, resumes and cover letters, posters and brochures, calendars and cards, and so on and so forth.

Select a template to read a short description when you find it. To use it on your computer, click the Download button, or to open it in Microsoft Word Online, click Edit in Browser. If you have an online Office subscription or a desktop Office license, you may view and use these templates for free.


Doctemplates.net is not a part of the Microsoft Office brand. However, it has a large collection of Microsoft Office templates that have been developed professionally. The Word templates available on Doctemplates.net are professionally drafted by experts. All of these templates are available to download for free without the need to sign up. Helping guidelines are also provided for each document on Doctemplates.net so that you can also customize it exactly according to your need.


This website source focuses on creating professional graphic templates. WordLayouts allows customers to select the template of their choice from 10,000 available templates and then download it directly to their device. By using Microsoft office, the world’s most popular word processing programme, the template can be tailored to their specific needs. WordLayouts has a vast variety of templates to choose from, such as tourism, education, food, and general purposes.


New to the market, DocFormats is dedicated to supplying document formats for every conceivable kind of file. Mainly it includes business, insurance, and education categories of templates. Agreement forms, application forms, notice forms, personal application forms and report sheet forms are some of the categories that are being provided by them as an open website source. There are many helpful guidelines, associated sources, templates, and formats of presently accessible documents that you may discover here. Due to the fact that it was just launched at the beginning of 2017, it it is continually upgrading its directory in order to provide you with more and more document templates.


Microsoft Office has enough templates to meet all your need but you need to have license to use them. Here, the above mentioned sites come to the rescue with their vast template collections and appealing stucture. By searching keywords on any of these, you can easily find the desired template of your choice. 

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