How Can Cisco 300-710 Exam Help You Gain the Necessary Skills to Manage Cisco FirePower Apps Successfully?

Are you passionate about IT and want to develop new skills like securing networks with Cisco Firepower? Then taking the Cisco CCNA is what you need. The exam assesses your skills to work with Cisco FirePower Threat Defense and Firepower 7000 and 8000 Series virtual apps.

Along with developing new skills it also helps you become a certified professional and earns you two certifications.

Read on to discover more about the 300-710 evaluation, Cisco FirePower, and how you can develop the necessary skills to be recognized as a pro in using it.

What is Cisco FirePower Threat Defense and What It Is Used for?

The Cisco FirePower Threat Defense (FTD) combines Cisco FirePower and ASA features into one inclusive system, which is both hardware and software. Even though Cisco is a pioneer in developing Next Generation Firewall systems, it manages to offer a top-quality product. Therefore, the Exam-Labs  is a unified image software, which is available in beta or stable release versions. On top of that, FTD can be used for different purposes, such as:

  • URL filtering and ISE integration;
  • SSL decryption and application visibility and control;
  • Multi-Domain management and advanced malware protection;
  • Deployment of Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems.

Now that you know what the Cisco FirePower Threat Defense can be used for, it’s time to find out how the 300-425 can help you become a master of FTD.

How Can Cisco 300-710 Exam Help You Develop the Necessary Skills to Manage FirePower Threat Defense?

The 200-901 exam focuses on testing the candidates’ skills in securing networks with Cisco Firepower v1.0. This is a 90-minute assessment that will evaluate the examinees’ expertise in configuring, integrating, deploying, and managing the Cisco Firepower virtual applications. Besides, it is associated with Cisco Certified Specialist – Network Security Firepower certification that you gain at once after passing the test, and at the same time is part of the CCNP Security accreditation. To obtain the latter one, you need to pass one more exam along with the 300-710 test, which is the Cisco 350-701 exam.

You can get the passing score in the 300-710 exam if you demonstrate that you have the following skills:

  • Solid expertise in implementing NGFW and NGIPS modes and high availability options as well as describing IRB configurations;
  • Being capable of configuring the 300-430  Firepower Management Center and managing its devices and objects;
  • Understanding how to troubleshoot and manage the FMC dashboards and reporting together with analyzing the standard and risk reports;
  • Configuring the Cisco AMP system for Networks and Endpoints in FirePower Management Center as well as describing Rapid Threat Containment (RTC) functionality and Cisco FMC PxGrid Integration.


Cisco FirePower Threat Defense represents the next generation of firewall systems. You will gain a competitive advantage over other candidates if you develop strong skills in managing this integrated system. The 300-435 is the wisest decision you can take to assess your skills and become a valuable asset in your company or a competitive candidate.

Start by carefully checking the exam’s blueprint and studying hard to consolidate your knowledge to become a real professional in Cisco FirePower Threat Defense app management. Good luck!

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