Global Brands Focus On Improving Data Security 

Following the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, the way that businesses handle our data has come under intense scrutiny in the last few years. Now, some of the biggest names in tech are taking steps to improve customer confidence and ensure that data privacy is a priority. According to CNBC, Google has just announced that it plans to buy cybersecurity firm Mandiant for $5.4 billion. Should the deal go through, Mandiant will focus on increasing security for customer data stored on Google’s Cloud.

The Google/Mandiant acquisition is the second-largest ever for the search engine, topped only by their purchase of Motorola Mobility in 2012. But Google isn’t the only tech giant focusing on increasing data security, this trend is being picked up by other big names too.

Microsoft Closes The Gap 

Microsoft is investing heavily in data security and has recently announced that they’ll be establishing their biggest-yet data center in India over the next few years. The center will be spread across three sites in Hyderabad and will deliver advanced Cloud solutions and data security to individuals, start-ups, and major enterprises. It will also offer its security services to government and educational institutions globally. The development will be Microsoft’s largest investment in data security to date. 

The Microsoft Azure brand has been in the news recently after a critical bug in Azure Automation was discovered. A serious security flaw compromised customer data and identity information and put individuals and huge conglomerates and financial institutions at risk. The bug had been fixed in December 2021, but there was still an insecure endpoint that was a potential issue. In being transparent about how they manage and look after customers’ data Azure is building trust, proving that no one is infallible and that they’re prepared to take the necessary steps to improve their security.

Amazon and QuintessenceLabs Take Action

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has always assured customers that they look after their data, and they put their money where their mouth is by launching Data Exchange for APIs. The new APIs allow for AWS-native authentication and governance and make the transfer of information safer as they continually update integrated datasets. A virtual data exchange API requires state-of-the-art security to keep all information it shares secure, and AWS aims to do this by ensuring that updates are applied automatically in real-time, as information changes. 

Quantum cybersecurity leader QuintessenceLabs is also making great strides in data protection and privacy. They’ve recently raised additional funding to develop their quantum-safe solutions that offer support to communities globally. Yahoo reports that QLabs will be focusing on delivering advanced cybersecurity solutions to an international customer base that deals with large volumes of consumer and corporate data.

With such big names emphasizing the importance of data security and taking steps to improve their offerings there’s a chance that future cyber attacks won’t have as much of an impact. If the tech giants keep investing in thwarting sophisticated cyberattacks there’s a better chance that everyone’s data – from individual to global conglomerate – will remain protected and uncompromised.

Global Brands Focus On Improving Data Security  was last updated March 10th, 2022 by Cindy Cummings