A Beginner’s Guide to Classes in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a fantasy MMORPG released in 2019 that has grown huge over time. Lost Ark has been praised for its great depth of combat and exploration, as well as the story. The game is loved by millions of players for its great voice acting and lore as well.

The variety of classes and enemies speaks for itself and there is a great number of players joining in every new day. Having the best class can help you defeat bosses, complete quests, collect lost ark gold and even help you rank up faster.

And so here is a guide to the major classes in the game that players get to play and which one is best for you!


One of the most intense classes of the game. The warrior class is solely based on high-octane combat that involves slicing and dicing through hordes of enemies. For players who love a strength-packed, chaotic approach to the game’s combat, the Warrior is the real deal. Warrior is a rather slower class but the cataclysmic strength makes up for it.

The subclasses that fall under the warrior class are Paladin, Gunlancer, and Berserker. You can think of the Warriors as the tank class in most of the other MMOs based on the sheer power this class offers and their ability to just slash through enemies with a swift move.

Martial Artist

For all the agility lovers who charge at the enemy with a flurry of combined attacks at lethal speeds, this class is it. This quick-footed and witted class gives players a huge edge over slower enemies and classes as well, when playing against other players. This class further branches into 4 subclasses that open up whole new possibilities. Striker, Soulfist, Wardancer, and Scrapper are the subclasses.

I for one thought this class wouldn’t be a fit for this game but then again, Lost Ark can really combine some of the most unusual things in the game in the best way possible. This class is for those who are good at playing arcade fighting games because you can definitely show off your combos moves to get the best out of your powers!


This long-ranged class makes the best use of its sharpshooter abilities for culling and hitting the enemy force where it hurts the most. The gunner can prove to be the most annoying of enemies if you are against one because they could hit you even with their worse shot. Gunners are always ready for efficient combat ensured by their lethal accuracy and the huge diversity of weapons. The subclasses include Sharpshooter, Artillerist, Deadeye, and Gunslinger.

At this point, I think we are way past the unusual in this game, but if you are looking to put your shooting game skills to use, this class is definitely the one for you.


Harnessing the ancient magic of Arkesia, these conjurers prove to be lethal at multiple occasions. What makes this class different is that it can be very defensive and offensive as well. From casting spells of evil that baffle your foes to healing and supporting, mages tend to manage it all well enough. Mages can summon different creatures to fight beside them which makes them a perfectly balanced class that supports while equally hurting the enemies. Subclasses are Bard and Sorceress.


This class is a master of light, but quick successive melee attacks which help in interrupting heavier enemies that seem to be on their way to cause you lethal damage. Assassins are made to best demons in their own game. Assassins make use of blades and their demonic abilities to best their foes, the subclasses include Shadowhunter and Deathblade.

Which One is the Best?

Personally, I love the Assassin class, as it comes packed with some of the destructive moves that will easily decimate the enemies fighting against you. And if go a little deeper into the Assassins class, I would say Shadowhunter is probably the best of all. This class has got a class of its own and I can’t think of a better option for pulling off insane combos that can destroy even the hardest of bosses in the game.

But it really comes down to your playstyle, if you don’t want to get up close and personal to your enemies, maybe the gunner is a better option for you. And it surely has got some epic tricks up its sleeve that you can use.

A Beginner’s Guide to Classes in Lost Ark was last updated January 24th, 2022 by Modestas Mika