What Changes Have Occurred in Instagram and Youtube in 2021

Social networks develop and update every year. Below is a list of the most important updates of 2021 for two social networks – Youtube and Instagram.


Instagram had 5 interesting updates in 2021, but the logo hasn’t changed since 2016.

Update Feed Algorithms

The update made the distribution of posts in the news feed based on user preferences. That is, the more often a user enters the profiles of other users and performs actions in these profiles (comments, “I like”, saves), the more likely it is that the next time the user enters the feed, the user will see the corresponding content. The updated algorithms of the social network work constantly, remember the actions of users and rank traffic.

Blocking Bots

User profile moderation has become more efficient. If the user violates the conditions of the site, he can be blocked without the possibility of unblocking. This rule applies to both users who visit very rarely and those who promote their profile through third-party services. The algorithms study the limits of each profile and can block any profiles if there are suspicions of cheating. Blocking is also extended when complaints about spam appear (then the profile will be deleted permanently.

Advertising Settings

The target still has a direct link to the social network Facebook. User promotion is carried out through the news feed and stories. There are 4 types of advertising publications:

  • One image.
  • Ring tape.
  • Slideshow.
  • Video.

All 4 types of posts are paid either per impression or per click, as the author decides. The promotion strategy can be configured to work automatically or manually. The social network itself can independently set the minimum cost per click/impression, saving money during a trial run.

In 2021, a modified ad filtering setting appeared, so advertisers have the opportunity to reach users by country, age, gender, marital status and other parameters.

Instagram Reels

Riels is one of the Instagram updates that we started working on back in the fall of 2021. Users ended up with their own local Tik-Tok and the ability to share small videos with music and special effects. Promotion of such videos costs nothing, and interesting publications can gain tens of thousands of views every day.

Linking to Other Social Networks

After another update, Instagram removed synchronization with the Russian social network VKontakte. At the same time, the ability to duplicate content through the application is still available. The “Share” button through other social networks also remained available.


In 2021, Youtube had 2 interesting updates, and they all came in early June 2021 (they were introduced in the US in November 2020).

Advertising Placement

Now video hosting YouTube can place commercials on any channel without asking permission from the channel authors. Previously, this rule applied to those users who were partners of the video hosting program. Now this update has also affected those users who have content for children.

Payout Taxes

Authors who received income through video hosting will now pay taxes to the US budget. Also without the consent of the authors.


Social media logos have also changed. Basically, the logos have changed towards simplification – the letters have become simpler, and their outlines are clearer.

What Changes Have Occurred in Instagram and Youtube in 2021 was last updated December 6th, 2021 by Irena Voytsekhovskaya