The Main Benefits Of Using The New Excel Analytics Software

Microsoft changed the world the very day they launched Excel. What initially started as a niche tool quickly became a staple in offices around the world. As it evolved over the years it grew more powerful and useful, moving from simple record keeping to data modeling. Now, most businesses are using their data analysis capabilities to grow and optimize their operations. But as powerful as Excel is on its own, it can be even more powerful when paired with specialized software that allows users to get every drop of potential out of it. Let’s look at the new Excel analytics software and how it can transform your business.

Super Easy to Use

No matter how useful a piece of software is, what can easily nullify its usefulness is its poor usability. If there’s a door that leads to paradise, no one’s going to bother with it if they can’t find the knob, much less figure out how to turn it if its mechanics aren’t what you’d expect. The same applies to any software. More people tend to use something once they can easily figure out how to use it and where to find what they need. The new Excel analytics software is simply a breeze to use. With its intuitive drag n drop system, you can create scenarios and add them to your model as is without any programming.

Seamless Collaboration

In a work environment, working on a single project can get pretty chaotic. Information gets deleted, left out, or even overlooked. When you’re on one page, everybody else is on something completely different. This can slow down operations and produce inaccurate reports. This issue is addressed by Lugano Software as they make collaboration seamless. They bake in the ability to access and modify scenarios no matter where they are.

You can share your models without exposing confidential scenarios, develop scenarios offline separately, and easily merge them into the master scenario whenever you’re ready. Reviewers and auditors can also add to your scenario or create new scenarios and reporting scripts to verify the analysis.

Easy to Comprehend

This software is a complete monster at processing and decoding information. Lugano is able to unscramble complex counterintuitive results. This means that results are broken down in such a way that it’s easy for the user to understand what they are working with.

You are in control of how little or much data you want to capture at each step so you can analyze and explain the results of each step change. This varying granular approach enables users to fully explore the project and make better decisions based on the huge volume of data being generated by businesses. Being able to go through it “frame by frame” is a feature that can’t be found anywhere else on the market.

Once a business can optimize its data analytics, it’ll be able to make key strategic decisions that benefit. Using the best software that works with Excel data analysis can make this process easier and smoother. As we move forward in our ever-changing world, harnessing this ability can be the difference between a business’ longevity and its demise.

The Main Benefits Of Using The New Excel Analytics Software was last updated August 24th, 2022 by Allen Brown