6 Ways to Boost Event Ticket Sales

After all restrictions and limitations imposed by the pandemic worldwide, the world is slowly getting back to normal. This is true for practically every sphere of our daily life, including live events that seem to be coming back strong.  Truth be told, the work of a ticketing professional can be very stressful at times: if they fail to deliver, the experience of the host party and attendees is most likely compromised. At the same time, as we all know pretty well nothing ever happens exactly as we planned it. Additionally, the post-lockdown environment has brought up its own specifics. However, the most important thing is that now that the event industry is back you want to get the most of this possibility. Hopefully, you’ll find our small tips helpful at the end of the day.

Utilize Digital Platforms

If you are trying to figure out the best ways to promote an event, remember that social media is a cheap and efficient way to expand your reach and target new audiences. Given such advantages offered by the social platforms as an easy way to cut and paste information, affordable ad prices, and the ability to reach people without paying for any ads at all, social media is perhaps the fastest, most user-friendly, and least expensive technique to promote your activities. Using advertising tools that Facebook and Instagram offer to make big sense in case you are only getting started with planning your event and selling tickets, especially given the fact that its cost-efficiency is rather high.

Don’t Underestimate Graphic Design

Very often event planners get so much focused on the activity itself that they completely forget about such a crucial detail as a ticket. However, the customer experience starts with the event ticket the moment he or she receives it in their hand. The right graphic design of your ticket can capture the very essence of your event and send this message through to the customer to make their experiences more memorable and enjoyable. Every big thing consists of a number of smaller details, and the ticket is perhaps the first among them. Now you might think that it’s easier said than done, but we have some good news for you. Today you can make the process of designing tickets much easier and faster by resorting to an invitation design template. And you can use this software in a really broad scope: for instance, you can make several ticket designs for different ticket price ranges starting from VIP tickets to the fan zone.

Balance Online and In-person Events

While the worst part is definitely behind, there are still some restrictions and precautions in place. Thus, try not to jump on the opportunity to return to organizing live events, leaving out online activities completely. Indeed, no online event will ever be able to supersede the emotions face-to-face meetings provide. Yet, you may find yourself in a situation where this is the best option you have at the moment. We believe that embracing a mix of the two variants would be the most realistic solution. And remember that online events require tickets, too.

Selling Online and Offline

Undoubtedly, selling tickets online is great, and easy, too, because there are so many specialized platforms where you can do that. A lot of people enjoy the convenience of being able to purchase tickets, and some of them prefer to do it well in advance. So, it’s a naturally effective way to speed up ticket sales for your event. On the other hand, there are always those who love buying tickets offline, for various reasons. To make sure you cover all customers, you should think of how you can provide this option. The most common way is to use a ticket booth.

Customer Experience is Your Priority

Concert halls and hotels have had to keep customer safety at the top of their list of priorities. Your customers must always feel safe at your event, no matter what. Sometimes it’s a big challenge to make sure your attendees feel comfortable and secure during the whole length of the activities you organize, but this is the one and only path to success. And you should always keep it in mind.

Run Contests

Distributing some of your tickets to the winners of different contests and competitions is an outstanding way to attract more attention to your event. It’s important to note that this is not the Olympics, so the contest requirements must be super easy to grasp and fulfill. You can also use all inclusive event marketing.

Also, to leverage social sharing, you can offer some discounts or promo codes on ticket prices when members of your audience share information about your event to their networks.

Final Words

There is no one magic button by pushing which you will be able to boost your ticket sales to unprecedented levels. It’s worthwhile reminding you that if you work hard and take every stage of event organization seriously, this is already a good prerequisite for high sales rates.

To tie everything together perfectly, you should consider using an event management app that covers all of your event basics. And our advice will do the rest!

6 Ways to Boost Event Ticket Sales was last updated March 24th, 2024 by Alisa Yaskevych