6 Refreshing Mobile App Design Practices You Shouldn’t Miss Out on in 2021

Developing a successful mobile app can be difficult, and many considerations need to be made to ensure a mobile app is successful. One of the most critical factors in a mobile app’s success is its design; you should never disregard the importance of mobile app design.

This article will cover the mobile app design practices that you shouldn’t miss out on in 2021. If you want your mobile app to be successful, you should consider using one of these designs to help it attract new users.

You Need To Know Your Target Audience

If you already have a mobile app, then you must know who the target audience is. You need to ensure that the design of the mobile app is going to be received well by the target audience. They are the ones who will use the app, so you need to think about them when making decisions about the mobile app.

Before making any mobile app design decisions, you need to ensure that the decision will be received well by your users and will help give the users a better user experience.

Mobile App Design Practices In 2021 That You Need To Know About

Some mobile app design practices are trends, and they won’t last long. You need to know which ones will stay around, so you don’t use design practices that are no longer popular and liked. We will cover the popular mobile app design practices in 2021 and the ones you should think about using.


This is a design practice that has been popular for many years, and it will continue to be one for many years to come. Minimalism helps to give users a fast, easy, and pleasant user experience. This design practice involves removing clutter from the mobile app and ensuring that only necessary features are included. This helps streamline the user’s experience and guides them to the important parts of the mobile app.

Minimalism includes small color palettes, a simple layout, and effective use of negative space. This will give users a simple experience that only involves the features they want to use in the mobile app.

Dark Mode

This is a popular trend that seems to be getting more traction every day. People want the option to change the mobile app’s UI to dark mode. If you plan to add a new mobile app design practice to your mobile app, this is one you need to think about.

There are many benefits to using dark mode. Knowing these will clarify why adding this design practice to your mobile app is vital in today’s world.

  • It can reduce the strain on the user’s eyes
  • It can reduce blue light exposure
  • Mobile phone’s battery life can be increased with dark mode on

Swiping Gesture

This has been a part of mobile apps and mobile phones for a long time. Using a swiping gesture to change pages is a fast and easy way to navigate a mobile app. This mobile app design practice has been used for a long time, and in 2021, there are many ways to add swiping gestures to a mobile app to make it more engaging and fun to interact with.

Animations can be used with the swiping gestures too. This will make the user experience great, and the mobile app will become more fluid as users experience the seamless transitions between the different pages in the app. Mobile application design agencies like to use this to ensure that their apps look professional and give them a premium feel.

Practical Design

The design of your mobile app shouldn’t just look appealing; it needs to be practical. It would help if you made sure that the user experience is enjoyable and the usability of your mobile app is increased when thinking about mobile app design practices.

If you don’t know how to balance practicality and attractiveness, then you should hire an app design studio to help you decide on the best way to balance the two for your mobile app’s users. It would help if you considered who your users are and what they want for the app.

Minimal Data Input

If your mobile app requires users to input a great deal of data, you need to find a way to decrease the amount of information they need to input. Nobody wants to fill in lengthy forms, it gets annoying, and this will bother your users. It would help if you made their lives easier. This is a design practice that an app design studio will support; it’s vital in providing a more streamlined experience.

Add More Accessibility

This is one of the best mobile app design practices. It would help if you made sure that everyone can use your mobile app. Adding more accessibility features to your mobile app will make it easier to use for different users. This will improve the app’s usability, and this will increase the overall user experience.

Many accessibility features can be added to your mobile app. Common accessibility considerations include:

  • Button and element placement
  • Ensuring the mobile app is designed for a variety of screen sizes
  • Keeping gestures simple
  • Ensuring that user interaction has feedback
  • Using consistent design throughout the entire mobile app
  • Using correct color contrast


While some app design practices become old and no longer popular, some stay relevant for a long time. You need to use these practices in your mobile app to give your users the best experience. If you need help, you can hire app design firms to help you add these design practices to your mobile app.

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