5 Reasons to Build Your Own PC

For some buying a ready-made computer is an easy route, but have you considered building your computer from scratch? Many people are doing it today, and it comes with a lot of perks. You can customize your PC just as you like it and have it running in no time. 

Here are five reasons why we think building your PC is a smart choice.

1. It is Cost Efficient

If you are building from scratch, you will be spending less than what you would when getting a pre-built system. You can choose what parts you want to be included and work with your budget. Sometimes, it will cost less than 300 bucks to build a regular-use computer.

With this type of computer, you can do basic things like streaming videos, browsing the web, and sending emails.  For a gaming PC, you can also spend as little as between $300-$400 for an entry-level type. If you want a good 1080p display, you will be spending a little over $600, but it can still be cheaper than a pre-built system.

2. Access to Easier Upgrades

When building your own PC, it’s ideal for you to know all the parts in a PC and their functions. And with that knowledge, you can also easily upgrade your PC if you build it yourself. You know how the parts were installed and how to replace them. 

However, for a pre-built system, it’s likely that you’ll take much longer to get upgrade components, and you will need to pay more to have someone do the upgrade. The cost of upgrading a custom-built PC is cheaper.

3. You Have the Option to Get High-Quality Parts

Most people trust branded logos to deliver quality, but they don’t know that the pre-built systems do not always come with the highest quality parts. Oftentimes, PC manufacturers will use low-quality components like hard drives, power supplies, RAM, and other materials to build their computers. The reason they will use cheaper parts is so they can maximize profits. If you build your PC, you can choose to use only high-quality components for it, such as solid state drives from Boost Hardware.

4. You Can Customize Your PC

Building your PC gives you complete control over the design. You can select parts based on your preference and what you need your PC for. If you want a PC with high graphics for streaming videos or playing games, it will be your choice. You don’t need to buy a new computer; you can always change the components and swap parts from your existing PC. 

When you build your PC, you can decide to make custom decisions when choosing parts like memory controller, power supply, motherboard, monitor, graphics cards, and other components.

5. You Can Choose Your Operating System

You also have a choice to switch to a suitable operating system. Pre-built systems come with a specific operating system, and most times, it isn’t always the best one. Getting a pre-built system leaves you in the same boat with the everyday glitch issues, broken files, and other common complaints people make using that product.  

When you build your PC, you don’t have any limitations or restrictions when it comes to operating systems. You can’t be coerced into running a Windows 10. You can choose the operating system you feel most comfortable with and even try entirely new software.

5 Reasons to Build Your Own PC was last updated June 21st, 2024 by Dein Ruffin