How to Choose the Best Payment Processor for Your Business?

For most small businesses, selecting your payment process is one of the most critical decisions you can make.  Anyone who has experienced a day or two of downtime knows that network service will break your business if it is not dependable.  Dependability has a cost, and the monthly fees can add up to significant amounts of money.

A payment processor is a company that acts as a go-between allowing your customer to move money from their own account to your account.  Allowing your customer to pay using a credit or debit card requires a payment processor to mediate the transaction.

If we talk about the best payment processor for small and medium businesses, then we are familiar with numerous companies which are offering these services.


Helcim is a payment company with high standards for ethics and transparency.  It offers many different types of banking services. They rank highly on Helcim review websites.  Their common products aim to provide quick and convenient services to their customers. 

Helcim was founded in 1993 by two entrepreneurs who had previously worked with the Swiss National Bank. The company has grown steadily since then due to Helcim’s innovative solutions for financing needs.

Today Helcim provides various products and services such as loans, deposits, investments, and credit card processing through their branches in North America and online on the Helcim website.

 Why People Prefer Helcim over Stripe?

Helcim vs. Stripe is a really worthy table talk among the people doing or promoting their small businesses. 

Considering the Helcim, so it is a better choice for merchants based in the US and Canada than Stripe. Let’s compare their differences here: 

 1-Helcim has an easier-to-use API and a lower monthly fee.

 2- Helcim allows you to run your credit card terminal at home without any additional fees

3- Helcim is cheaper and has a more flexible credit card processing plan for nonprofits

4- Helcim allows you to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Interac debit payment

5- Helcim charges no monthly fee on business accounts with $3000+/month of volume. They do not even charge per-transaction fees

6- Helcim has a higher payout and more payment options than the Stripe

7- Helcim allows you to choose the length of your contracts, while with Stripe, there is no option for this 

8- Helcim’s merchant account signup process takes less time. With Helcim, it takes only one business day to get approved and activated, and you can start accepting payments in your store immediately 

9- Helcim has a real person (like Matt Kaplan) to answer specific questions about their services, while with Stripe, there is no such option. You only get general information that does not apply to merchants like you 

10- Helcim has a higher approval rate (it takes less time for the application process), and there is no need to provide any documents besides ID, which means you can get your merchant account faster. With Stripe, on the other hand, it often takes several days to get approved 

11- Helcim accepts businesses with bad/no credit, while Stripe does not. With Helcim, you can have multiple bad business accounts connected under one Helcim account, and they all work together as a team if needed

12- Helcim gives merchants the ability to manage their statement preferences – this is a very convenient option, especially for Helcim merchants who have to send statements via email instead of snail mail

13- Helcim has a better customer service department by far. With Helcim, if you need help with anything specific, you can call Helcim, and a real person will answer your question. With Stripe, on the other hand, if you need to speak with someone via live chat or email, it takes several minutes until anyone responds

14- Helcim has better sales tools and credit card processing solutions for local businesses than Stripe does. With Helcim, you can use a wireless terminal or buy your own and connect to the Helcim network

15- Helcim’s credit card processing fees are cheaper than Stripe’s. Helcim charges $0.08 per transaction and 0% of the total sale, while with Stripe, it is $0.15 plus a percentage fee.

Summing up all the points, we can conclude that Helcim is the best choice rather than Stripe. We said this based on the pros and cons discussed above.

Other Options for Payment Processor


PayPal Credit Card processing means that you can accept all major payment types from your customers right on the site. The checkout process is simple, customizable, and scalable for businesses of any size!

PayPal knows how important it is to offer their clients fast & secure online transactions without compromising their ability to get a great customer service experience – which is why each transaction through this platform comes complete with 24/7 support via phone or email.

As well as auto-reloading funds into an account so there are no delays during peak hours due to lack of cash flow like what often happens when using other platforms. These days there are even specific debit card for teens; having a payment processor that accepts a wide range of payment methods is crucial.

Paytm Business

Paytm, the fastest growing payment platform in India, and over 17 million merchants are already using it! It’s time for your business to get on board. With a variety of solutions, including eCommerce integration with magneto or eCommerce – Paytm will make accepting payments easier than ever before.

• Get familiarized with all their features like Online Bill Payments & Cheques.

• Send money instantly anywhere around the Indian subcontinent within few seconds by choosing a one-touch option among many other options available at their site. You can also sell goods& services through online marketplaces such as OLX.

Stripe Connects

Stripe offers solutions for web and mobile payments that are built to empower developers. With a set of unified APIs, Stripe enables businesses to accept online payment instantly on any device with iOS or Android apps available at launch in July 2013!

The company provides tools like credit card processing as well, so your customers don’t need another app installed before being able to purchase products from your site – just enter them through the checkout process, which automatically generates invoices based on their shipping address too ensuring no one gets left out when paying over email etc.

EBiz Charge

Century Business Solutions, a leader in integrated B2B Payments

Is a payment gateway capable of processing payments inside your CRM/ERP or online shopping carts such as QuickBooks? 

The EBiz Charge team is always working hard to stay up-to-date with new technologies and offer full support for all their clients’ needs. They can also provide you PCI compliant mobile solutions so that it will be easy! is a payment gateway that helps make it easy to accept electronic and credit card payments in person or online, giving you the freedom to do what your business needs. 

When you need it most, will take care of everything so you can focus on running things smoothly without worrying about whether there will be money left over at closing time because another customer didn’t have enough cash on hand!


BlueSnap is a payment processing platform that streamlines businesses’ operations for B2B and B2C transactions. By integrating their service, you can accept payments from any angle in just one click! 

BlueSnap supports integrated credit card sales as well as invoice or manual orders through an easy-to-use virtual terminal which gives us complete control over your entire operation, so there’s no risk involved when accepting new customers online today.

The Blue Snap team designed this All in One Solution (AIS) with global retailers at heart – and they know how hard it was before all vendors were separate entities working against each other.

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