How to Buy Expired Domains with Traffic

When buying expired domains, the first step is, of course, finding available domains. Instead of clawing at straws and chasing false leads trying to find domains, you’re better off turning to SpamZilla.

SpamZilla is a service that will allow you to identify and buy expired and deleted domains with traffic from Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. 

This means when your new site is ready to go live, it will have an excellent backlink profile and already be high-ranking in SERPs.

Even if these high-quality sites have not been active for a while, they can still generate significant web activity that could add considerable value to your main website.

When you buy expired domain names, you also:

  • Drive web traffic coming into your new site through valuable redirects.
  • Boost search volume for your website’s content.
  • Obtain real SEO power
  • Track incoming links from other sites, increasing your search traffic

What Are Expired Domains with Traffic?

Abandoned or expiring domains with traffic are web domains previously leased by businesses or individuals. When a domain expires, the domain registrar will likely reclaim it because it means the owner has failed to pay the renewal fees due after the 30- to 60-day grace period. 

Once a registrar reclaims a domain after the expiration date, they make it available for resale to the public.

Interestingly, these expired domains still receive a fair amount of traffic from search engines. They also come with various sites that backlink to the domains.

Why Buy Expired Domains with Traffic?

There are several good reasons to purchase defunct domain names with traffic. These include:

Redirecting the Expired Domain Traffic to Your Monetized Site

Redirecting an expired domain’s website traffic to your monetized site will ensure that you get the expired domain’s existing traffic straight to your main site. 

Here, you can easily make conversions and revenue from visitors. This is literally free traffic (and money) on your new domain without you having to work for it.

Another benefit of expiring domains is that these web addresses come with links from other sites. Those backlinks to the expiring domain automatically redirect to your main site.

This link juice will increase your search engine optimization ranking on your new page URL.

Parking the Domain

Another reason to buy expired domains with traffic is to “park” the domain on domain registrar platforms that enable this service. 

You don’t need any knowledge of website development, hosting, or content creation to park expired domains, and you can profit off of the ads without lifting a finger. If the domain previously had a website, you can use that same design or start with a redesign of the website.

The best part? When you get traffic from the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, it could be even more profitable for you – there are plenty of opportunities for anyone looking to generate revenue fast.

Setting Up a New Authority Site on the Expired Domain

Established sites, including expired domain names, are often more reliable for linking to your site than brand new ones. Web traffic will flow more easily into this site because they already rank on search engines and may even have a loyal audience.

In addition, expired domains are sometimes at the center of public blog networks. This allows you to gain authority links instantly, which is useful when building a website with content that needs instant credibility.

Setting up a new website using an expired domain involves much more work than domain parking, but over the long run, it will pay off. With an expired domain, you’ll be building a new site, but with the added advantage of ready monthly traffic.

 You can also use tools like Google Cache and the Wayback Machine to try to restore the old site and take advantage of its existing search traffic.

Reselling Expiring Domains for a Profit

When you buy domains, there are two primary things that you can do with them to make a profit beyond building a new website or using them for SEO:

  • Domain parking – Keep renewing the lease on an expired domain until its contents become more relevant – and profitable.
  • Domain reselling – Buy the domain cheap and sell the rights at a profit. Some domain flippers will also improve the domain’s authority and rank before selling.

Remember, when domains expire, they still retain their value. If no one buys your expired website immediately, wait.

 You are still likely to make a profit in the long run as domain age is a major factor in determining site selling prices.

How to Find Expired Domains with Traffic

It’s vital to vet each expired domain carefully before buying it. There are many advanced platforms, which will help with your search, but not all are simple to use. 

Here are the best places to look if you want to buy expired domains with traffic:

Domain Vendors

Domain vendors are a great way to get expired and aged domains, as they have already done some re-vetting for you. They already did the grindwork to analyze the domain’s link and anchor profile. There are quite a few out there, but SEOlutions – Expired Domains has probably one of the biggest lists out there.

Domain Registrars

If you want to purchase expired domains, this is where a dedicated domain registrar comes into play – they store all records. 

Because these platforms work in tandem with several top-level domains (TLD) like .com, .org, etc., they will always beat a third-party expired domain traffic reseller.

Domain Auction Sites

Auction sites like the GoDaddy website are a great way to find an expired domain or domain lists. However, the price you get will depend on supply and demand.

 At GoDaddy auctions, sellers set the price they want for their starting bid (usually estimated), while bidders offer initial counteroffers, which the sellers can accept or reject on each specific domain.

There are also fixed-price auctions on these sites, which might not need any bidding. The cost of the expired domain depends on the site’s age, niche, rank, and traffic.

Other top auction sites include:

Flippa: This expired domain traffic reseller sells domains, websites, and applications and includes many tips and tutorials to help understand its services. There are also many flippa alternatives you can explore as well.

NameJet: This auction platform allows for bidding if you create an account and attach a credit card. On the flip side, this aftermarket platform has no paid packages.

Sedo: This auction platform has over 18,000,000 expired domains available with brokers to help you negotiate with the seller. However, it doesn’t display the pricing of each specific domain on the website.

Expired Domain Names Marketplaces

Domain marketplaces like Spamzilla are great platforms that can help you find expired domains, all for free. Domain marketplaces offer an extensive portfolio of high authority expired domains for a variety of business niches and countries all over the world. You can also filter your searches based on different niches and domain sources for example the GoDaddy expired domains list.

SEO.Domains has 20,000+ names all with SEO power such as long history, high metrics, strong backlinks, huge traffic, or a combo of everything mentioned. They provide an easy-to-use interface and show the prices of each domain side by side, so it’s extremely straightforward.

FreshDrop is another domain marketplace that you can use to make your purchase. They have filters and keywords to help you find the type of domains you’re looking for with precision.

SEODN.COM offers the most comprehensive inventory of high-quality SEO expired domain names on the Internet. Every domain they provide to their customers undergoes a detailed verification process to ensure all the domains delivered are of the best quality. There are a lot of contextual do-follow links from authoritative and robust websites and sources that they believe to be credible sources on all their domains. At an incredible price, SEODN makes the process very simple for you.

Alpha Investors, on the other hand, has a great selection of premium vetted domains in lucrative evergreen and affiliate niches and offers a full site build-out on these domains. They’ve created a system that utilizes the domain’s history and relevance in order to give your new site the highest chance of success. Every domain on their site comes with a complete website build-out that includes custom design and premium plugins, 100,000 words of well-researched and optimized content, in-depth keyword research files and a plan on how to grow the site, and more

What to Look Out for When You Buy Expired Domains with High Traffic

Since the characteristics of an expired domain name can impact a website’s worth, it’s essential you scrutinize any domain you are considering buying. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Expired domains should contain valid links from other websites in your chosen niche and not be part of a private blog network. These links should come from both authority sites and small blogs.

 At all costs, avoid spam links that make Google think your website is a part of a private blog network for shady SEO purposes.

Reputable sites must demonstrate their value through search engine rankings and not their links to private blog networks. If you want to increase your SERP rank, you need to check the expired domain’s backlinks. 

Google Webmaster Console is one of the most popular tools for checking backlinks as it analyzes domain leasing for free.

Another great paid tool worth considering is Majestic; this software makes analyzing and understanding website goals easy with various features like inbound link tracking and competitor analysis.

Domain Age

As a rule, older domains are more valuable. An old domain that has been around for a while will rank higher on search engines and reap greater benefits than a brand-new site.

If you’re planning to purchase expired domains, make sure to check out the domain age before deciding on anything else. One quick way of checking the domain age is by performing a WHOIS history lookup. 

Just type in your query URL followed by “.com” at the end. This should give you information about where the site owner or owners registered the website and when they first registered it.

 An important thing to note when finding domains is that if you buy a domain and register it again, the date of the first registration is when the website’s age begins.

Google Index

Google Index may be the most important metric in all of SEO. It measures and evaluates a website’s value to Google. To check whether a domain is indexed correctly:

  • Enter Google Console
  • Open the fold “Index Google” and select “Index Status.”
  • Type the “site” in your search queries – “site:URL.”
  • Use relevant SEO tools, like Small SEOTools and DupliChecker.
  • Remember to check the sitemap and robots.txt file to ensure correct indexing.

Check DA and PA with PageRank and MozRank

You can determine how high well a domain ranks by checking PageRank and MozRank. These metrics evaluate Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) on a scale from 0 to 100. Higher scores are better for reaching the top of SERPs.

You may be surprised that two different metrics (DA and PA) are important for a site’s ranking. The first assesses the value of an entire domain and considers factors like the number of links pointing back to this particular domain or quality/authority/trustworthiness (QAT) associated with those linking sites.

Page Authority, however, measures the importance of web pages based on their relevance. PA ranking relies heavily on how many and what quality links are pointing towards one web page and the external sites linking back into it. 

This ensures that people aren’t self-promoting or creating spam articles just to get PPC clicks from services like Google AdSense.

To measure DA and PA, you can use a range of free tools available on almost every reputable marketing platform. These include:

  • Keyword Explorer’s SERP Analysis.
  • Link Explorer
  • MozBar
  • DA PA Checker

Don’t fuss about looking for the perfect DA. Focus on the main competitor in your niche and try to get a higher score than theirs.

Why Use SpamZilla to Find An Expired Domain with Traffic?

SpamZilla is a domain list program designed to assist anyone searching for expired or expiring domains. The platform enables you to compare millions of updated auctioned, deleted, or expiring web domains.

It tailors each option to your specific needs and wants. Whether you’re seeking to make a one-time purchase or looking to buy many domains, SpamZilla has tons of features that simplify the process.

SpamZilla also offers the following conveniences:

  • With ordinary domain searches on platforms like, you only find out whether a website is available for purchase and the Whois history. SpamZilla gives you much more.

    The site reports on a domain’s monthly organic search volume and identifies how many authoritative and ordinary backlinks it has to other sites.
  • Check the SEO of the domain with the Backlinks Miner Tool, which compares the top 100 backlinks linked to your domain. Included in each report are the anchor language, anchor text, and outbound links from that site. You’ll also be able to visit any linked website or blog post.
  • SpamZilla’s powerful filtering tools will make your search results easier. You’ll be able to save, catalog, and research the relevant keywords and keep up with what sites are trending so you never miss an opportunity again.
  • With SpamZilla, you can immediately compare tens of thousands of supported domain zones from all over the world. Don’t worry if your domain zone is unsupported because we work with more than 60 different domains for any given domain zone globally.

Choose SpamZilla for Your Expired Domain with High Traffic Search Today

Create an account and find the best expired domains at SpamZilla today. 

You’ll gain use of a database of expiring or expired domains with powerful authority backlinks that will give your business the boost it needs to build the perfect website. SpamZilla takes all the risk out of buying expiring domains!

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