6 Best Edtech Startups in the USA

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, everyone who wants to learn a skill or acquire new knowledge and expertise in any field they wish can do so in the comfort of their own homes. Gone are the days that you must file sabbaticals or longer leaves to pursue your studies. Many people have been learning many different skills and knowledge that they use in their careers or gain more sources of income using the skills they learned online.

Many people have seen the potential of these edtech startups in transforming the face of education around the world. Thus, many are using them for their educational benefit. Here are the six best edtech startups in the USA, as acknowledged by many people.

Course Hero

It is an online learning hub that is very useful for many college students because they will come out more prepared than ever, thanks to the wide range of online courses and test preparation programs available. What makes them so unique is that they offer a lot of study materials for different subjects and courses, from the small campuses in your state all the way to the top universities, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard.


It is an online platform allowing users to learn from the best experts online. They offer online classes in different categories that users will love. Through Masterclass, they can learn television writing from Shonda Rhimes, cooking from Gordon Ramsay, the basics of photography from Annie Leibovitz, and so much more. With their years of experience, learning the basics from the experts has never been so insightful.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Dubbed as the “Etsy of education,” this is an online marketplace where teachers and other educators buy and sell the resources needed in their classes. Ranging from worksheets, educational resources, and many others, more teachers, have used this for their classroom needs. Nowadays, it is said that more than 70% of the teachers in the US, Canada, and Australia have benefitted from the platform.

Pay to Write Essays

This is another platform where students can buy essays that they need for their academic requirements. With paytowriteessays, they have a team of highly qualified academic writers who can help you out with your research paper or essay that you can use to submit as your requirement in any of the subjects. Most of their writers are college professors and instructors, so you can be sure that the essays you buy from them will be professionally done.


If you study another language, you are probably familiar with Duolingo and its iconic parrot. This is a platform where everyone can learn a foreign language for free, complete with many updated resources and activities that will help you practice your acquired language skills in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, you can also download the app on Play Store or Apple Store to learn consistently anytime, anywhere.


This list will not be complete without Coursera. Like Course Hero, it offers online classes from a wide range of universities, from smaller ones all the way to the big boys, such as Stanford and Duke, all in an open online format. Aside from the wide range of universities, the platform also offers various fields to study, from sciences to arts and other subjects and courses. Coursera also employs different learning methods, such as video lectures, discussion forums for students, and auto-graded homework.

Our Takeaway

Thanks to technology, more people now have access to education with different platforms catering to their needs. These edtech startups have successfully met the balance between the innovations of today and the thirst for the education of yesterday and beyond.

6 Best Edtech Startups in the USA was last updated September 2nd, 2021 by James White