Can your Employees Spy on you using AirTag or Tile Pro

The world constantly shifting and technologically advanced devices are helping us do our daily activities more conveniently. This comes as a cost to privacy. AirTag and Tile Pro belong to such technological advancements that help in keeping track of our important items, such as wallets, keys, bags, etc. But just like vulnerabilities in other technologies, there is a perspective that these gadgets owing to their small size, can also be used to spy on other people, just like your employees spying on you. So, how true is this narrative, and if it exists, then what are possible ways to avoid it? This blog will help you clarify this concern. So, let’s get started.

AirTag and its Security Measures

Apple has recently launched AirTag on April 30 and presents it as a cost-effective and attractive small-size tracking equipment. AirTag gets linked with your Apple device and then can be placed on any item that you want to keep tracking.

What if you lose your AirTag?

Once you lose the AirTag, you can use the “Find My” app to find it. If it is under the Bluetooth connectivity range, it will generate the sound so that you can find it. If it is not in Bluetooth range, then billion of Apple devices are here to rescue. For example, if you lost your item in the bar and turned on the lost mode when you came back home, then the other Apple devices such as iPhones near to your AirTag will sense it, and the app will notify you about the location.

What if you find a lost AirTag?

If you find an AirTag on the roadside, then you can help the original owner to get it back. To do that, bring the AirTag close to your iPhone or Android phone (NFC-enabled) with the white side of the AirTag facing you. As AirTag includes an NFC chip, so it will take you to the web page that contains the data of the AirTag with its serial number. In case the original owner has set that AirTag in the lost mode, then you will probably see the message and contact details. This way, you can reach out to the owner and help him/her get it back.

Are there any Security Concerns with AirTag?

Yes, AirTag does have security concerns that can be exploited to spy on someone else. Although Apple has tried its best to reduce the possibility of its unethical use, there still exist ways to exploit it. All demands on what mobile operating system the targeted person is using. For example, if you are using an Android device, then you won’t get immediate notification if some unknown AirTag is present in your belongings.

Apple claims that an AirTag left away from its linked device for three days will start generating sound. This means that you will only get a chance to know about the existence of an unknown AirTag once three days have passed. During this time, the spying person can declare its AirTag lost and use the help of the Apple community to continuously get updates on where it is being carried with you. In case you own an iPhone, then chances of getting tracked are minimal, as you will get notification of an unknown AirTag near you. In a nutshell, your employees have the chance to spy on you for a short time frame using AirTag if you own an Android device.

Tile Pro and its Security Measures

Tile trackers are not the new product in the market. They have been in the market for years and are considered the leaders in this sector. Tile Pro functionality is a bit similar to AirTag. You get the app that links your Tile Pro and can be used to track it.

What if you lose your Tile Pro?

In case you lose your Tile Pro, you can use the app to turn on the lost mode. If it’s within the connectivity range, it will start generating sound. In case if it’s not in the range, then the big Tile community will help you in finding its last known location, just like the AirTag Apple community. But since Apple has billions of users, so it’s more effective in finding lost AirTag.

Are there any Security Concerns with Tile Pro?

Tile Pro is a much older product compared to AirTag, so it does not provide enhanced security practice as seen with AirTag. In case your employee slips a Tile Pro in your stuff, then there is no three days later buzzing or notification possibility that can help you locate that Tile Pro. The spying person can declare that Tile Pro lost and use the Tile community to keep getting your location updates. The only plus point with Tile Pro is its size. The size of Tile Pro is a bit larger than AirTag, so the chances of its visibility in your stuff are greater.

What to do to avoid getting tracked by Others via AirTag or Tile Pro

It is clear that there are chances of getting tracked via AirTag or Tile Pro, but there are some measures that can reduce such chances. So, if you expect to be get tracked, then the following two measures might keep you on the safe side:

  1. Make sure you are aware of what’s in your belongings because you can find AirTag or Tile Pro if someone has hiddenly put it in your stuff.
  2. Pay attention to the buzzing sound AirTag might be generating. Because once the three days are passed, it generates the sound to let the other person know about it.

Wrapping Up

New tech developments, especially from big tech giants, open up huge debates about their pros and cons. The same is being done for AirTag, while it’s also getting compared with Tile Pro and other similar products. But it is right to debate about security concerns associated with such tracking gadgets because that matters a lot in present times.

From the above discussion, it is true your employees have the chance to spy on you using AirTag or Tile Pro for a short period, but that cannot last for long and can be detected in minimal time. Here AirTag leads the competitors, as it has made more efforts to reduce such unethical practices. We live in a world full of decreasing privacy. Stay safe and keep a low profile.

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