Top Reasons to Get Yourself a 3D Printer for Using at Home

New technology and innovation are constantly making our lives easier. One such invention in recent times is the 3D printer.

While we’ve seen 3D printers mainly in the commercial space, they are increasingly becoming popular for use at home. Especially so, with the prices of these printers dropping, making them more affordable for home users.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of gifting yourself one of these devices, it’s the perfect time to do so.

Here are some reasons to bring home a 3D printer.

Get Creative

A 3D printer might quickly become your best friend if you have a creative bent of mind. It can help translate ideas into designs and bring your art to life. In addition, constantly experimenting and learning free 3D design courses online will help you acquire new skills and discover a unique talent that you didn’t even know you had!

Using a 3D printer, you can create a range of innovative products from Christmas cards to birthday gifts on your own and flaunt them with style.

A home 3D printer is also a great tool to inspire your kids to get creative.

Start Your Own Business

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry in Australia and across the world. And, while 3D printing is being adopted by several key industries such as architecture, fashion, automotive, to name a few, it can be equally helpful for small-scale home businesses.

Home business ideas could range anywhere from outsourcing your 3D design skills to brands to selling custom products such as gifting and décor items, jewelry, printed T-shirts, and more. You could sell your self-designed products on your own website or tie-up with a third-party seller.

Save Big on Time and Money

A home-use 3D printer from Konica Minolta NZ can be your best one-time investment. These machines can help you to make essential products like mobile phone cases, paper towel holders and almost anything you need. Studies have shown that an average family can save hundreds of dollars every year after owning an average 3D printer.

With a 3D printer, you are not just saving money and but time too. Imagine the amount of time and hassle reduced when you no longer have to purchase small household items or supplies such as fasteners and screws. And, as they say — time saved is money earned!

3D Printing is Environment Friendly

3D printing enables you to make good use of environmentally harmful waste products. These include waste plastic, wool fiber, etc. So, you’re not just reaping the fruits of this technology for your own benefit but also impacting the environment positively.

Additionally, more production of things at home using 3D printers means you are ordering less from outside. This saves on shipping and transportation thus reducing emissions and building an eco-friendly economy. Reports suggest that by using more 3D printing, we could save energy emissions up to 30 percent by 2050.

3D Printing is Fun

We are currently living amidst a distressing pandemic. Hobbies like 3D printing can keep you engaged, help you make creative use of your free time, and lift your spirits. Your 3D printer is fun equipment that you can use to create cool objects and gifts for your loved ones.

Now that you’ve seen how a 3D printer can be such a helpful gadget to own, why not buy one and reap the rich rewards of this inspiring technology? 

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