Top Donation Software Apps that help Nonprofits

If you are running a nonprofit then it is absolutely essential that you are using software in order to manage the donation process. There are many of them out there which can help you to better manage your donors, communicate with them and gain important metrics on where you are going right, and where you are going wrong. Anyone in this industry will have trouble picking the very best donation software, which is why we are going to run down a quick list for you here, as to where you should be looking to spend your time and money.

Without further ado then, here is the best donation software for nonprofits.

A Quick Note

Once you have decided which donation software option you are going to use, you may be worried about how you can get your information from where it is now, into the new software. For this you can easily use MoveData, who make it absolutely simple to perform this task.


Donorbox is one of the world’s most commonly used software packages for this type of thing and they are very much the world leaders right now. This software uses some seriously incredible technology to easily integrate into your current setup. Thanks to the way that this software has been put together, it is easy to use and it helps nonprofits to boost the amount of donations which they receive, using smart metrics.


This software is the best all-rounder on the list and it can help nonprofits to really drive their fundraising campaigns. Donation pages can be customized and there are several options which the nonprofit can use to actually show donors where their money is going. Another great feature which we love here is that it is mobile ready so that donors can send money straight from their mobile device.


The specialty of this particular piece of software is that they offer cloud-based solutions for easier management of your donor list. We love the focus on marketing which this particular suite gives too. Integration with QuickBooks and MailChimp is super easy with this too, and you won’t need any help or guidance in getting yourself set up and ready to go.


If you are currently relying on a lot of crowdfunding tools then this is the best choice for you without a doubt. Fundly has donation pages which are simple to customize and they also have the nice addition of a blog which can help you to stay in touch with your donors. Donation pages on this particular software suite are also mobile-friendly so that you have every option available to get that money in for each fundraising campaign.

The choice as to which software you will use is based around the focus of your particular nonprofit and what exactly you are looking to offer your donors. Each donation software for nonprofits option is a great one and they are all much easier to use than you may imagine.

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