7 Commercial Real Estate Apps that are Transforming the Industry

People who invest in commercial real estate are all about increasing productivity and profits. With technology today, commercial real estate investors have many Android and iPhone apps available to make them more successful. The apps highlighted below can make investors more money and get more done.

And if you want to get more done after that, consider bringing in a skilled property management team to take you out of the day-to-day running of your properties.

LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search

If you are shopping for a commercial property to enhance your portfolio or seeking tenants, this app is essential for your cell phone.

LoopNet boasts more than 800,000 property listings and special search filter tools. You’ll find it simple to locate a building that meets your requirements and needs.

What other app allows you to see mortgage lender details, property tax history, and tenant information? Also, this app is perfect for listing your property for sale when the time comes.


This app analyzes investment properties for investors. Just enter the information about a real estate transaction, such as financing expenses or purchase price, and you get a detailed financial projection and analysis.

Many investors use DealCheck to review comps and calculate what offers cost.

Visual Lease

Commercial real estate buyers know that managing leases can be tedious, even when things are running smoothly. When they aren’t, leases can be terrible to manage. But this robust app with an elegant interface lets you manage and organize leases.

You can reduce your operating costs and see a tidy snapshot of how each lease affects your profits. Visual Lease is helpful for all team members, from assistant to the CEO.

Yardki CRM Mobile

This is an accounting and property management app for small and medium-sized commercial property investors. It offers many convenient features, including managing property records, sending letters, and posting rents.

Some find the tool isn’t as intuitive as they want, but if you have the time to learn, you can use this app to manage your properties more efficiently. 

Property Capsule

This is a popular leasing app that is more appropriate for retail properties. Unlike other apps, Property Capsule boasts marketing automation tools.

You can upload photos for listings, plans, property details, and documents in one location. When the information is put into the app, it can be used for marketing documents and email blasts.

Commercial Site Inspector

This app is both a mobile application and a web-based commercial project management tool. It lets the investor review, perform, and report on property inspections intuitively and efficiently.

You can upload maps and pictures and send PDF reports to your team and clients. All data on the website is pulled from a CSI database that you can access on your account.

Verdigris Energy

Do you know what the energy costs are for your building? Do you possess strategies to lower your costs for each property?

Verdigris Energy uses intelligent sensors to help investors track how much energy their buildings use. You also get real-time data that can be used to pinpoint waste that could be affecting profits.

The best thing is forecasting tools allow you to plan your needs and strategies to prepare for the more expensive summer and winter periods.

These commercial investor apps let you manage your time and money more efficiently with each property so that you can make more money and get more done. Whenever you want to use technology to enhance your business, these apps can help you do the job.

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