Best Free Streaming Apps to Watch Live TV on a Firestick

The entertainment world is taking a new revolution from the standard cable TV to live to stream. The digital exodus is initiated by new technologies such as TV Firestick devices. The device provides an excellent experience to the user. Today you can watch TV channels from anywhere worldwide—a privilege by the Firestick product.  The internet has also developed apps that help you watch live TV on Firestick without any restrictions.

However, Firestick offers the best at a price. Users have to subscribe to the live streams. It’s challenging and consumes a lot of income. To enjoy the services for free, technology offers loopholes in the Firestick creation. The idea of jailbreaking the Firestick might work best for your device.  The process requires one to implement safety measures. You can improvise the best VPN software in the tech market.

What is a Firestick?

Firestick is a unique digital streaming device connected to the cable TV to stream content through the internet.   The device is shaped like a standard USB flash device. It’s easy to handle and contains thousands of online channels such as Netflix, Hulu, and more. Firesticks are designed to stream videos where you watch movies and TV shows. You can also stream music games and other online content.

However, the channels have a subscription fee, which you pay bi-monthly or annually. There are apps implemented for free use.  The device is Android-based but doesn’t support Google play services. The Firestick works with Android OS.  Technology also has several apps that help connect IOS devices though not fully implemented. Use the largest computer monitor you have in order to get the best experience out of your streaming.

How to watch live TV on Firestick

To watch the live channels without paying any penny, you must add privacy software such as VPN. This enhances your security and hides your identity. A quality VPN will help you go through the restricted geo-locations.  Any wrong move like tempering with copyrighted items will land you in trouble with the government and ISP.

Best free apps to watch live TV on Firestick

1. Mobdro

Mobdro is an exclusive live streaming app for movies, TV shows, and live online content. It’s compatible with all devices. The app operates on Android devices, but recently, IOS users can also benefit from the app.  Technology is providing ways to have Mobdro for iPhone though the installation process is not generated.  Users can utilize third-party platforms to download and install Mobdro apk on your iPhone.

Mobdro has different channel categories from news, sports, Music, Gaming, Kids, spiritual and more.  From the list, users can select various channels according to preference. There are channels such as AMC, History, WWE network, ESPN, sky sport, Fox, etc.  You can also stream favorite shows using the Mobdro app.

2. Live Net TV

The Live Net TV is open to many Android devices and Firestick devices.  Users can access more than 700 TV channels. The app organizes the channels based on the country and categories. This makes it easy to access your favorite channel.  The software offers quality services for free to all users.  The Live Net TV apps also provide users with VOD services on different movies.  The app allows users to choose a video player for live TV channels from the external video players.

3. Swift Streamz

This is a fantastic app for watching live TV on your Firestick.  You can access 700+ channels for free and without any restrictions. For easy access, the app classifies the media based on countries and categories. Example USA TV, UK TV, sports TV, movies, concerts (such as a Metallica live stream), religious programs and more.  Every category has different channels which you can choose and watch freely.  Swift streamz provides quality video, and content is available in 1080p and 720p.

4. TV Catchup

The TV catchup app is also a free platform developed for UK channels. The app has 120 UK TV channels, which are free and have no restrictions.  You can select channels such as BBC, ITV, horror channels, Film4, and others. However, the apps allow ads, and most of the media also have ads.  The TV catchup is only available for UK users. To benefit from the app, you need to implement a quality VPN and break the geo-restrictions.

5. Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media player that is compatible with all devices.  However, for Kodi to work, one requires third-party software. These are called Kodi addons. For example, installing The Crew addon on Kodi will give Firestick users access to hundreds of movies and TV shows. They all have different features and channels. The user should choose the best addons before installing them on the Kodi device.  Kodi is legal software that is best for the Firestick and other platforms.  You can watch live TV using Kodi on your Firestick.

The Kodi app is legal, but most of the addons bias regulation and policies of some channels. This provides a risk to the user. Once you start streaming live with Kodi addons, you’re exposed to government and ISP, and third-party authorities. They can survey everything and information streaming on your device. To cater to the issue, search and improvise the best VPNs in the tech market. This will hide your identity and stop government surveillance. You can also go beyond the geo-restrictions of some channels.

In conclusion, it’s best to get legitimate streaming apps that won’t lead to legal problems. The above are some of the top best streaming apps to help watch live TV in Firestick. For those interested in live streaming app development, understanding the functionalities and legal aspects is crucial for creating compliant and user-friendly applications.

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