Email Conversion Service for Microsoft Outlook

Nowadays, you won’t find people who don’t use any email services. Email still remains the most popular way to communicate in business environment and on labor market as well.   Although, there are hundreds of messengers, social networks and other apps for communicating Email is undoubtedly the safest and simplest way to share and exchange any type of data you want to.

Why do people choose Outlook? Outlook is one of the world’s first webmail services which has been founded in 1996 as Hotmail. Generally, Outlook is suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services from Microsoft. For sure, if your first email was Gmail or Yahoo you don’t have to just forget about all the files or messages that are there. At this very point you should know how to do Email Conversion for Microsoft Outlook. You can do it on because it’s easy and fast in terms of transferring data. The licenses provided by this software will make sure that all files have been transferred correctly and safely.

Email Conversion for Microsoft Outlook

The software GlexSoft offers will allow you to transfer the data from various formats used by Windows and Mac email clients. GlexSoft software is capable to extract files even from rare unsupported email services by exporting to one of supported formats. Such as:

  • EML
  • MBOX (MBX)
  • MSF
  • MSG

In fact, the GlexSoft can even extract files for investigations or backup purposes. So if you have any type of format files that you need to transfer or export we can assure you that GlexSoft can help you with that. If you don’t trust us then just try if for free at first. You’ll never know if you don’t try – especially since we offer an amazing price/ quality ratio.

What About Price?

The price system is very clear and easy. For 1GB of data conversion you will need to pay $1 (not mentioning general fee of $4.95 used for payment process). Let’s say you want to convert 10GB (which is really a lot) of data in that case the price will be $14.95, 20GB will cost you $24.45 and so on.

GlexSoft has packages for one year, such as: Home, Business, Technical. The price is starting from $19.95. These packages will last a year, after that you are going to have to purchase a new one. We suggest you to read about all of the packages and to choose the one which is the most appropriate for you.

Let us make all conversion to MS Outlook for you with almost 100% accuracy. You don’t need to worry about it anymore. Learn about GlexSoft services so you won’t need to transfer files from one client to another by yourself.

Email Conversion Service for Microsoft Outlook was last updated July 26th, 2019 by Hillary Walker

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