CompanionLink cures Google Calendar Sync Error 2016

Multiple reports starting the afternoon of Monday, August 5 confirm the much-rumored demise of the Google Calendar Sync utility. People who were able to sync Monday morning report getting Error 2016 later in the day. It appears Google has left the building for MS Outlook Calendar sync for free Gmail accounts.

People are turning to 3rd-party apps to fill the void. The right app for you depends on which specifics you value and the total cost of ownership.

Some things to factor in your decision:

  • will one license purchase allow install on all of your PCs
    • CompanionLink allows install on 3 PCs
  • what are the support options (forum, email, phone, chat) in case you need help
    • CompanionLink offers phone and email support no cost
  • how long has the company been in business
    • CompanionLink has supported Google Calendar sync since 2006 and in business since 1988
  • is there a free trial
    • CompanionLink offers a free 14-day trial
  • is there a no-questions-asked refund policy
    • CompanionLink has a 90-day no-questions-asked policy
  • what is the software update policy
    • CompanionLink offers free software updates
  • what other fields are synced
    • CompanionLink sync Google calendar, categories, contacts, tasks, and contact photos
  • price
    • CompanionLink is $39.95 after discount code ALTGCS is applied
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15 thoughts on “CompanionLink cures Google Calendar Sync Error 2016

  1. I have tried everything to sync Outlook 2007 with Gmail and I still get the error message – “Unable to access Google Calendar. Please create a record in Google Calendar first, then try again.”.
    Needless to say I am more the a little frustrated. Any advice??

  2. Have not been able to sync my Outlook to my Android phone (I use Deja Office) for a week now. Just tried to call tech support and “office is closed” – it’s only 4pm west coast!
    Can someone please call me? Emailing my number to – Becky

  3. Thanks, but I actually found the error:
    Google by default only allows the use of “Google apps that are safe” and simply blocks all 3rd Parts apps trying to access the data!
    I received a mail from Google saying it had blocked access. After going to the settings pages, I was able to allow “unsafe” (that’s what they call it…) apps and now it seems to work (Sync is running now 🙂

  4. I am having the same issue as Frederik. When I try to sync Palm V4 with Google (via Companionlink) I get a Pop-up from Deja office saying “Google reports password mismatch” even so I confirmed my password is correct. Any suggestions?

  5. It’s working for thousands of others so I’m confident it’s a configuration issue. If you email me ( your phone number, I will have a tech call you immediately.

  6. Your application is not working :/ Can’t have my calendar in Outlook and Google in sync. I created 2 tasks in my google calendar and one in Google and clicked to sync. none of them were syncronized. Tried many times aswell :/

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