Windows Phone USB sync with Outlook

Great news for Windows Phone users who wanted the security of USB synchronization of business data. The latest version of CompanionLink for Outlook has USB Sync to Windows Phone 8 devices like Lumia, Ativ, Ascend, and HTC 8X/8S.

You need two components for USB Sync:

  1. CompanionLink PC software (paid)
  2. DejaOffice app for WP8 (free)


CompanionLink synchronizes Windows Phone with standalone Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. (Support for Outlook Categories coming in a few weeks!) Our USB Sync is designed to restore the traditional wired sync feature that shipped with older Windows mobile handhelds. Just connect your Lumia, Ativ, or HTC Windows Phone to your PC and CompanionLink handles the rest.

The synchronization works with our free DejaOffice app for WP8 that integrates with WP8’s People app. The Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes that DejaOffice holds work with phone features like Caller ID, email, maps, and text messaging.

Windows Phone USB sync with Outlook was last updated August 6th, 2013 by Rushang

5 thoughts on “Windows Phone USB sync with Outlook

  1. WP7 will not support USB sync. CompanionLink can do USB sync with WP8. If you have a WP7 device, I would check to see if there is an OS update for WP8.

  2. Hi this thread is 8 months ol. Anything about windows phoe 7 compatibility in the pipeline?

  3. I sent your note to my R&D team. They are looking into what’s involved for backwards compatibility with Windows Phone 7 devices. I’ll report back as soon as I hear from them.

    Thanks for the positive comments about our product!

  4. HTC 7 Pro is still on Windows Phone 7.8 and will never receive an upgrade to 8.x. Do you plan to offer “DejaOffice for WP7.8” in near future? Thank you for an answer.

    And thank you for your great product.