Google Calendar Sync program

Google stopped distributing their Google Calendar Sync program on December 14, 2012. You can read about that here. The called this a “Winter Cleaning”. CompanionLink feels there are still thousands of people who need a Google Calendar Sync program to keep their Outlook and Google accounts integrated.

CompanionLink for Google is another Google Calendar Sync program that does everything Google’s software did, but also adds features like synchronization of contacts, categories, tasks and contact photos. CompanionLink can be set up to sync multiple Outlook calendars to Google Calendars. You can sync Outlook contacts and calendar categories with Google. Calendar details such as accepted meeting invites and recurring appointments are handled flawlessly. Outlook task priorities and due dates sync over to Google nicely. Your contact notes, appointment notes, and task details sync to Google as well.

For a full list of Outlook data supported in¬†CompanionLink’s alternative for the Google Calendar Sync program, please click here.

Google Calendar Sync program was last updated December 20th, 2012 by Rushang