Will Nokia and Microsoft introduce first Windows Phone 8 device on September 5, 2012?

Fresh off of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 announcement, Nokia and Microsoft have sent out invitations to a joint event to be held in New York on September 5.  Will this be the unveiling of the first Windows Phone 8 device?

Instead of fleeing to Android like every other device manufacturer has, Nokia has double-downed on the Windows Phone platform.  This presents a high-risk/high-reward situation for a company that is slowly climbing out of a financial slumber brought on by the onslaught of iPhone and Android.  Nokia is to the Windows Phone platform what Samsung is to Android.

Inconclusive is whether Windows Phone 8 really goes mainstream.  There exists a huge open niche in the business market.  BlackBerry is quickly losing their foothold in mobile business because of their antiquated operating system.  Android and iPhone have chosen to primarily focus on the consumer crowd by emphasizing audio, video, social media, and gaming.  Windows Phone 8 has an opportunity to take cater squarely to business people who have been forced to kludge together apps and solutions to get a business tool that works for them.  Wouldn’t a business mobile device be a great fit with Microsoft’s bread winner, Microsoft Office?

CompanionLink is watching Nokia and Microsoft closely.  As CompanionLink pivots to mobile business CRM, we’re hoping Windows Phone 8 aligns with business people also.  Yes, we’ll be there to support them.  Like Nokia, we may even double-down.

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