CompanionLink supports two-way sync with Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

Early word from our R&D team is that CompanionLink will fully support Outlook 2013 Preview in our next software update. This means people can sync Outlook 2013 People (formerly known as Contacts), Calendar, Tasks, and Notes with the latest Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and webOS devices.  You can also sync Office 2013 with Google, Gmail, and Windows Live accounts.

We’re excited about Microsoft’s initiatives to merge the cloud with desktop platforms. CompanionLink is looking into ways to sync directly with Office 365.  Please bookmark this blog post and we’ll update it as we learn more. There is lots more to come.

CompanionLink supports two-way sync with Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 was last updated May 15th, 2022 by Rushang

16 thoughts on “CompanionLink supports two-way sync with Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

  1. Send me an email ( and I’ll add you to the early notification list. You will get an email when we have Outlook 365 sync ready.

  2. I’m looking to sync my work Outlook 2013 (connected to enterprise Exchange 2010 system) to my personal Office 365 account using CompanionLink.

  3. We are working on direct sync with Office 365. Can you confirm what you are looking to sync with it? There may be a solution….

  4. Sadly, CompanionLink does not work with Microsoft 365. The woman wasn’t much help and, frankly, I see little hope. Unless someone shows me otherwise I am going to sell my Galaxy Note and go buy a Microsoft phone.

  5. Has there been any development yet with Outlook 365 syncing? I use GroupWise at work but Office 365 for my home calendar and it would be great to keep the two in sync.

  6. Here’s a fix:
    Open the Field Mapping tab in CompanionLink, find Work Address fields 1 and 2, and map them to something like Business Address Street Line 1 and 2. If any of this is confusing, just email me at and I’ll provide more details.

  7. Release 5032 appears to NOT support Outlook 2013. I look forward to seeing the next release.

  8. Any idea on when it will get released? I love CompanionLink and can’t wait for it to work!