How to Password-Protect Contacts, Calendars, & More with DejaOffice

DejaOffice makes it easy to protect your private data. With our Private Records feature, you can secure contacts, calendar events, tasks, memos, and even expenses. And it does so selectively, allowing you to secure your most sensitive data while keeping your standard data easily accessible.

Interested in learning how Private Records work? We thought you might be, so we made a video. Check it out below to get started:

How to Password-Protect Contacts, Calendars, & More with DejaOffice was last updated February 23rd, 2012 by David Z

7 thoughts on “How to Password-Protect Contacts, Calendars, & More with DejaOffice

  1. Make sure you have not enabled Native Sync in DejaOffice. If you have, this will sync DejaOffice Contacts to the native Contacts app. To check, go to DejaOffice > Settings > Sync Settings.

    If you find that native sync is NOT enabled, please call us to troubelshoot further: 503-243-5200

  2. Dejaoffice private contacts are not!

    Hi! I’m using version 3.1.3 on a Galaxy Note 3 Duos, with Android 4.3.
    It’s useless to hide contacts in dejaoffice for Android. They simply appear in the native Contacts app, which is exactly where any person who might be using your phone would look at.
    Is it a bug?

  3. Using
    version 2.5.9 (539). Android OS 4.2.1 on a generic MTK6589 smartphone.

    Google Play store never advised me that there’s
    an update and I do update all my apps manually, to ensure that I’m aware
    of what’s going on. This seems to be the current version according to Google Play.

  4. Private checkbox does not appear in edit mode for contacts. What’s with that?