CompanionLink 5 build 5020 Now Available

The latest version of CompanionLink 5 – build 5020 – is now available on our downloads page. For those of you running Time & Chaos,  you’ll be happy to hear we now support Time & Chaos 8. We’ve also added support for Intellect 4. Additionally, you’ll notice a number of general sync improvements that should help ensure things run smoothly. And because we hate bugs as much as you do, we eliminated a few bugs that had appeared on our radar!

All in all, build 5020 is a solid update. Grab it today from our downloads page, and read on for the full release notes. 

Release Notes for CompanionLink 5 build 5020:

  • Fixed an issue where CL was not reading Palm Desktop version 4 databases properly on Windows systems with UAC enabled.
  • CompanionLink now detects if it is running in Windows compatibility mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main phone field did not sync to Google.
  • Fixed an issue where contacts that are attached to multiple ACT! contact groups could sometimes duplicate when syncing only specified ACT! contact groups.
  • Fixed an issue where CompanionLink would sometimes truncate long notes in Palm Desktop version 6.
  • Fixed issues syncing ACT! calendar after deleting a database user.
  • Fixed issues syncing with Windows Live where a user would sometimes get “Server Error”.
  • Fixed an issue where events with malformed contact link email addresses failed to sync to Windows Live.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Windows Live prevented CL from purging all Windows Live events.
  • Added support for Time & Chaos version 8 and Intellect version 4.
  • Fixed issue where event start/end dates were syncing incorrectly for Thailand Google calendar.
  • Added code to prevent phone number fields sometimes getting remapped in ACT! after syncing with iPhone through Google Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Added speed improvements for WiFi sync.
  • Fixed issue that could cause random 404 errors when syncing with Google.
  • Added speed improvement when syncing with ACT!.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Fixed issue syncing recurring end dates with some webOS 3.x devices.
  • Fixed issue that could cause CompanionLink to erroneously report “Sync did not finish” after completing a sync with webOS.
  • Fixed issue where Lotus Notes email fields could get remapped after syncing with iPhone through Google Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Fixed issue where certain non-printing ASCII characters in contact data could cause sync with Highrise to fail.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate records on the handheld when syncing multiple ACT! groups that contained the same contacts.
  • Added support for syncing the Lotus Notes Personal Journal with handheld notes/memos applications.
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  1. Excellent piece ! For what it is worth , if somebody has been needing to merge two images , my co-workers saw notice here

  2. Jack – The Nexus should definitely be able to connect & sync over WiFi, so I’d recommend getting in touch so that one of our techs can take a closer look at what’s going on. You can call 503.243.5200 or email us at

  3. Hi !

    Does anyone have the same problem with the Galaxy Nexus, as I can’t sync by Wi-Fi ?

    I did uninstall it completely, reinstall
    and still not connecting with WI-FI. I disabled GDATA Firewall, did a complete
    Router reconfiguration, and still not connecting by WI-FI…