CompanionLink Build 5008 Is Now Available

With over 25 changes, CompanionLink build 5008 is a big update. We have been hard at work improving the software to bring you an even better sync. Our latest update focuses on refining the process, eliminating duplicates, and adding a few new features. Read on to learn what we’ve done. 

‘Purge & Reload’ is Now ‘Wipe All Records’

This change is purely cosmetic at this point. After considering the wording, we feel that “Wipe all records on next sync” is a clearer description of the functionality. As the new wording states, when you have this option selected we will wipe all records from your device on the next sync. This allows us to place a fresh copy of your data onto your device and can help avoid (or even correct) potential duplication issues.

Dealing With Duplication

Speaking of duplication, we have made numerous enhancements to our duplicate checking algorithm. Data duplication is the biggest challenge to overcome when developing a sync system like ours. There are a wide variety of things that can cause duplicates, and many of them are outside the direct control of our software. As such, constantly improving our duplicate checking algorithm is one of our top priorities. With this release, you won’t really notice anything new on the surface. But behind the scenes, CompanionLink now features even more powerful algorithms to prevent data duplication. This translates to a more stable, more reliable sync for you!

WiFi Sync Gets Even Better on Android

The last feature we want to highlight today is a small, but important addition to our WiFi sync on Android devices. Until now, you needed to be at the computer when manually initiating a sync over WiFi. We recognize that this somewhat defeats the purpose of a wireless sync. With the latest builds of CompanionLink and DejaOffice, you can now initiate a sync over WiFi from your computer or your Android device. Again – a small change, but one we think will be much appreciated!

So, head over to our Downloads page to get the update today! And, as always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Full Release Notes for CompanionLink Build 5008 (12/8/2011):

+ Fixed issue where Purge and Reload with BlackBerry would fail in some cases. This could cause duplicate records to appear on the initial sync.
+ Improved stability with Windows Live sync.
+ Fixed field mapping issues with Android when changing sync methods from CLSH to WiFi.
+ Fixed field mapping issues with Palm Desktop version 4.
+ Improved duplicate checking for Google sync.
+ Improved duplicate checking with ACT!.
+ Fixed issue where Android USB sync would not start on PC in a few special cases.
+ Fixed issue where Outlook contact email address did not sync when using an iCloud generated pst file.
+ Fixed issue where webOS 3.x contact details were not visible after sync with Palm Desktop.
+ Fixed issue where Outlook category filters were sometimes ignored.
+ General stability improvements.
+ Added feature where DJOA WiFi sync can be started from the device or from the PC (previously could only be started from the PC).
+ Fixed issues when syncing multiple Palm Desktop users via category Manager.
+ Fixed contact account duplication issue with SugarCRM 6.2.
+ Various minor UI changes.
+ Fixed bug where calendar deletions did not always sync from device to Salesforce.
+ Fixed issue where two Outlook folders with identical names could not be set up for sync when using Category Manager.
+ Improved duplicate checking with Lotus Notes.
+ Fixed issue setting contact history timestamps in BCM.
+ Added ability to turn alarm sync on/off with DJOA WiFi sync.
+ Added option to sync completed records with Palm Desktop WiFi sync.
+ Added feature to close ACT! opportunities if they are completed on the handheld.
+ Fixed issue where contact link info was not added to SugarCRM calendar events. In some versions of SugarCRM, this would prevent the events from displaying in some of the calendar views.
+ Added code to better handle recovery from Android SQLite issues. This should reduce the incidence of Invalid SQLite errors during sync.
+ Fixed issue syncing deletions with Zoho.
+ Fixed issue where Google tasks would not sync if the Google task list was renamed to something other than default.
+ Fixed issues syncing DJOA with two PCs.
+ Fixed issue syncing all-day events to DJOA with Australia time zones.

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