CompanionLink 5012 Now Available to Download

Just a quick update today: we’ve just uploaded the latest build of CompanionLink – build 5012. This is primarily a bug-fix release, though there’s a few new options for Windows Live and Salesforce users. We’ve also removed the “beta” tag on our new Windows Live sync option – it’s officially ready!

Take a look at the release notes below for all the details, then head over to the downloads page to get the update!

Release Notes for CompanionLink build 5012:

* Fixed an issue where DejaOffice USB sync could fail to start on the PC following an earlier interrupted synchronization.
* Improved error handling for DejaOffice USB sync.
* Removed beta status for sync with Windows Live.
* Added autosync for all Windows Live configurations.
* Fixed issue where recurring events on the PC with a recurrence interval greater than one year could interrupt synchronization with Windows Live.
* Fixed issue where a malformed email address could interrupt sync with Windows Live.
* Fixed issue where sync with Windows Live could generate an “invalid synchronization key” error.
* Added field mapping tab for Salesforce configurations.
* Added option to sync all Salesforce contacts, instead of just the contacts that you own (contacts that you own is still the default setting).
* Fix for issue where deleted recurring events in Salesforce could sync over to the handheld as duplicates in some cases.
* Fixed issue where autosync could fail to start for a second CompanionLink profile if the first profile was configured for WiFi sync and failed to connect for some reason.
* Fixed issue where recurring exceptions in Palm Desktop sometimes synced to the wrong date in DejaOffice for some eastern hemisphere time zones.
* Fixed conflict policy issues when syncing with Palm Desktop.
* Minor UI fixes.
* Fixed issue where ACT! category field would sometimes revert to “ID/Status” after being changed to “Company”.
* Improved duplicate checking for sync with native Google tasks.
* Improved method for handling the case where a user switches between DJOA WiFi and DJOA USB sync.

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