DejaOffice Is Ready For iOS 5

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Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 5, will be released any time now. With a host of great new features, including improved notifications, wireless sync, and iCloud, many users will understandably be eager to update. However, some users may hesitate, waiting to ensure their most-used apps are iOS 5 compatible.

Today, I’m happy to report that DejaOffice 1.2.5 and above is iOS 5 ready!

We’ve been testing our app on the beta builds for some time now and have not seen any issues when using DejaOffice on iOS 5. So, just ensure you’re running the latest version of DejaOffice by checking for any updates in the App Store, then go enjoy the new features in iOS 5! We’re loving the new notification system – what about you?

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12 thoughts on “DejaOffice Is Ready For iOS 5

  1. I’m having a similar problem with the Samsung Galaxy S3. I can’t move my iCloud Calendar to any othe Outlook Calendars to rectify this but can’t seem to figure out how to sync the iClouid Calendar with DejaOffice. And, if each time I sync I have to copy and paste the iCloud Calendar to another Outlook Calendar will just drive me nuts because it’s another thing to do when you would think the would all sync together. Please help

  2. I downloaded the latest version of DejaOffice (ver 1.3.3) and tried to sync my Iphone 4 with IOS 5.1 with Outlook 2007 for Notes. It did NOT work. ie. any notes created on my Iphone were NOT created in Outlook. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Since downloading iOS 5 I seem to be having a problem with lag time. Tap on a contact and there is a 4 to 6 second lag time. Looking up a name, when tapping the letter, the letter freezes for 4 or to 6 seconds before you can type in another. Several other area’s have the same problems………..

    • @30855a48640f15769d1a9f2da8d15c44:disqus and @2d1001d9dd9065acf0341bbf704f58b0:disqus  – There is a known bug that affects some users in this way. We’re working on a fix as we speak and are hoping to have it out soon. I want to apologize for an inconveniences this bug causes you!

      In the meantime, one work-around that we’ve seen success with is uninstalling DejaOffice, then reinstalling it. Next, do a “Purge & Reload” on your first sync. After that, avoid doing further “Purge & Reload” syncs until we’ve patched the bug.

      If you have any further questions, just ask.

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