DejaOffice for iOS Receives Major Update

Don’t let the version number fool you – DejaOffice 1.2.6 for iOS is a major update. While you won’t notice too many cosmetic changes (yet), we’ve done quite a bit of work under the hood.

The biggest focus of this update has been DejaCalendar. We’ve completely rewritten the calendar to improve stability and sync reliability. Right away, you’ll notice a much smoother experience when using the app. This is just the beginning for us, however. We have exciting plans for DejaOffice!

Yes, the majority of the work we’ve done in this update has been under the hood, but we have added a few cosmetic changes that I wanted to highlight. On the iPhone and iPod Touch, you’ll notice updated display options and search options in DejaCalendar. On the iPad, we’ve added popovers in the edit screens – a small change, but one we’ve found dramatically enhances your workflow! Check out the gallery below to see what’s new.


DejaOffice 1.2.6 is out now for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Check the updates tab in the App Store, or download it here today. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback – share your thoughts in the comments below!

[spoiler intro=”DejaOffice 1.2.6 Release Notes” title=”Click to view”]

  • fixed an issue where some users experienced a crash on launch after updating
  • fixed an issue where task due dates synced to DJO one day early
  • rewritten DejaOffice calendar backend: improves stability and syncing reliability
  • rewritten native Apple calendar sync
  • added new native contacts/calendar sync progress bar
  • DejaToday now displays today’s calendar events, as well as tasks due today
  • added new date/time picker
  • updated Setup Wizard with new calendar sync options
  • made DejaOffice more iPad friendly with new popovers in calendar edit screens
  • DejaCalendar list view now supports font sizes
  • new updated month view
  • recurring events with alarms will now ring at the proper time
  • list view now displays each instance of a recurring event
  • changed editing a recurring event to now prompt “just this instance” before editing the event
  • fixed an issue where deleting a task or memo would crash
  • contact links in calendar/task records are now linked to their DejaContact record
  • added search options to DejaCalendar
  • fixed an issue where the native calendar would not be purged on a purge and reload
  • fixed issues with creating recurring exceptions in DejaOffice
  • fixed an issue where an all day event may not display, or would display on the wrong date
    fixed issues saving recurring events with recurring end dates
  • fixed an issue where DJO records would overwrite PC changes in Australia time zone
  • fixed an issue where “Low” priority tasks did not sync to the PC correctly
DejaOffice for iOS Receives Major Update was last updated September 29th, 2015 by David Z

10 thoughts on “DejaOffice for iOS Receives Major Update

  1. i am using DejaOffice app on iphone 4s that does not search text in the contact note

    i am using 14 days trial version & thinking to buy software, please help i want that feature

  2. We have 3 font sizes available – in the Settings for DejaContacts and DejaCalendar there are font size options. “Normal” is the largest option. Let me know if that helps!

  3. I mean this is the smallest font I have ever seen on a phone hands down.  There must be a way to enlarge

  4. It looks like our Support department is on the case. If you haven’t heard from them already, you should soon! Otherwise, if there’s anything more I can do to help, let me know.

  5. 17/11 – Here we go again – I get an update advice on my iPhone at the weekend on Deja Office and what do you know I update it and then try to sync I get this message – “No user Packets. please sync the PC to this account”
    Look my issue here is I am not an IT tech-head after you fixed this after the last Deja Office update it was working properly now another update and not it’s not?
     Why is this a problem, continuing problem?
     It’s really making me want to look for a different solution – it just needs to work and keep working through your updates – surley that’s a basic requirement these days for any software?
     – ok so how do we sort this out this time?

  6. Are you running DejaOffice 1.2.7? It just landed in the App Store yesterday and it should fix the bug you’re experiencing.

  7. I have the same problem as the user below… Downloaded the update and opened the app, waited and waited and waited until my iPhone returned to the main home screen – I just get a blank black screen and nothing happens.  I can’t access any of my contacts, calendar or memos!!!!

  8. Downloaded the update and like requested waited and then waited and then waited until my iPhone returned to the main home screen – I just get a blank black screen and nothing happens – last time you did an update i had a nightmare and support was less than helpfull especiall as I am on GMT – I dont know why i pay for wireless sync for this it has never worked properly 🙁