CompanionLink 4048, DejaOffice 1.12 (beta) for Android, and Time Zones

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It’s been a busy week at CompanionLink! We have two new updates available today: CompanionLink 4048 and DejaOffice 1.12 (beta) for Android. They both bring a number of new features, bug fixes, and improvements, but the biggest new feature is time zone support. More on that in a minute.

CompanionLink 4048 addresses a number of bugs and offers some overall improvements, especially for Salesforce and Goldmine users. Build 4048 also adds improved support for syncing across time zones – a feature we’ve added to the latest Android beta of DejaOffice. Take a look at the full release notes at the end of this post to learn more about all the changes in build 4048.

DejaOffice 1.12 (beta) for Android is a significant update. We’ve improved quite a few features and fixed a number of bugs. Of course, as mentioned above, the feature we’re most excited to share with you today is time zone support. DejaOffice now offers you a choice in how to handle your events when changing time zones. Once you enter a new time zone, you’ll be asked if you’d like your events to shift. You can choose one of three options: “Not Decided,” “No,” and “Yes.”

Not Decided asks when changing time zones if you want event times to shift. This is the default behavior. You’ll have the option to select “Yes” or “No” each time you enter a new time zone. Alternatively, you can tell DejaOffice to always select one option.

Selecting “No” ignores the time zone at your current location. This prevents event display times from shifting when you travel to a different time zone. With this setting, an event set for 1pm Pacific Time will show up as 1pm when you enter Eastern Time.

Choosing “Yes” has the opposite effect. It adjusts the event display times using the time zone at your current location. This means an event set for 1pm Pacific Time will display as 4pm when you enter Eastern Time.

You can find these options under Settings > General Settings within DejaOffice. If you’d like to try out this new feature, as well as take advantage of the numerous other improvements we’ve made, download the latest Android beta here.

Read on for the release notes…

[spoiler intro=”CompanionLink 4048 Release Notes” title=”Click to view”]

  • Support for syncing time zones with DejaOffice 1.12 Beta for Android
  • Various performance enhancements for SalesForce sync
  • Fixed issue where GoldMine contact filters would sometimes not sync correctly when multiple profiles were used in CompanionLink
  • Fixed issues syncing certain non-printable characters with Google
  • Various program stability enhancements
  • Fixed “Improper argument” issue with GoldMine
  • Fixed filed mapping for Outlook P.O. Box field
  • Fix issue where autosync would not occur if it was configured in multiple CompanionLink profiles
  • Fixed issue where events with parentheses () in subject line would not sync with GoldMine
  • Added support for syncing time zones with DejaOffice for Android (requires DJOA 1.11.10 or higher)
  • Fixed issue when syncing with DejaOffice for Android where task start dates were removed if prior to 1970 (requires DJOA 1.11.10 or higher)
  • Fixed issues parsing BlackBerry addresses
  • Fixed issue where category colors could change in Outlook when syncing with DejaOffice for Android
  • Fixed issue where contact links were not syncing with DejaOffice for Android tasks[/spoiler]

[spoiler intro=”DejaOffice 1.12 Beta for Android Release Notes” title=”Click to view”]

  • added new option called “Time Zone Shift” with Yes/No/Not Decided options. Users device if they want their events to shift based on a time zone change or to not shift and ignore their current time zone.
  • added option to “Show Tomorrow’s Events” in DejaToday settings
  • added phone contacts account for Evo Shift
  • added ability to view more than 4 all day event records in DejaCalendar
  • added current time indicator to day view
  • added cut/copy/paste options to DejaCalendar events in day/week view
  • added Week number to the list view in DejaCalendar
  • added push to talk functionality for the Motorola i1 (PTT numbers can only sync from Android to DJO)
  • fixed an issue where the Sync shortcut did not work
  • fixed an issue where Motorola Atrix devices would not automatically mount after the 2.3 update
  • search results will now display highlighted text thatmatch the search query
  • fixed issues when adding new records when Group By category or priority was enabled for DejaTasks
  • fixed an issue where events would not display for Delightful font size and in horizontal orientation
  • fixed an issue where rotating the display caused the day view to reset to today
  • fixed some issues that may cause DJO to crash
  • fixed an issue where Sort by most recent did not always sort properly for DejaMemos
  • fixed UI issues with Android 1.5 devices
  • fixed an issue where the private record field did not sync via Wi-Fi
  • fixed issues with syncing DejaOffice categories to Android contact groups
  • search results now display masked records
  • fixed issues with the Android contacts sync category filter
  • fixed issues with the recurring pattern, yearly on the last day
  • fixed an issue where font sizes appeared much smaller on some devices after updating from 1.11.7 to 1.11.9
  • fixed issues syncing yearly recurring tasks with start dates prior to 1970
  • reduced whitespace in day/week view to maximize information for each view
  • fixed issues saving favorite contacts on Droid X/2
  • fixed an issue where the “Is this a different device” message would appear repeatedly[/spoiler]


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