Support Update: BlackBerry Sync Issue

CompanionLink is aware of an issue with certain BlackBerry devices where the device’s address book will show only one contact, duplicated several times, after synchronizing. All other contacts do not display on the device even though they may be present in the device’s internal database.


We have found this is associated with the December 2010 update to Blackberry 5.0 OS in from various carriers. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, Blackberry OS,, and

Other updates do not appear to have this problem. Blackberry OS 4.0 and 6.0 work fine, as do prior Blackberry OS 5.0 releases. The problem is not unique to CompanionLink. It is reported with other sync products including products from RIM.

Please note your Blackberry OS version carefully. Check your carrier’s website or BlackBerry for an OS update that is PRIOR to December 2010. Please install the older OS. This will likely fix the display problem.

NOTE: If you are unable to downgrade your Blackberry OS, the following steps appear to usually resolve the issue:

1) Perform a full backup of your Blackberry.
2) Perform a security wipe of your Blackberry.
3) Restore the backup you created in step 1).

If you are still in need of assistance, contact technical support at

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11 thoughts on “Support Update: BlackBerry Sync Issue

  1. Cindy,

    Our free technical support is available at – there’s a phone number or form you can fill out for help. The $99 is for premium level support.

    In your case, I may be able to help you out right here. One your HTC, open DejaOffice. Then, go to Settings, then Sync Settings. With the Sync Type set to Wi-Fi, you’ll see an option called “WiFi Settings” – that’s where you’ll find your phone’s IP address and device name.

    Hope that helps!


  2. I am having issues also and my 14 days is running out but each time I go to the site it states there is free support I do NOT see the free support….$99/year and form to fill out with a number that is received after registering……do you have to register first and is there a charge/are you subscribing when you register?  I could get to a point and it was asking me the IP address of my phone—-do not know where to find this on my phone neither does my US Cellular representative know where to find it!!  I have a Desire HTC android phone.  Would welcome ANY help.  Thanks.

  3. I am having a similar problem.
    Address book stopped syncing. I am at newest version of companiln link 

  4. My trail progam syncs between my Android and Outlook and produces several duplicats.  Obviously I won’t go beyond the 14 days. 

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  6. I can’t add any contacts to my bb and it is also dropping a lot of contacts that were previously entered thru my BB entry.

  7. I have an issue where I am unable to sync my Calendar with the latest version of Companion Link and OS 6.02 on a BB 9300. On the BBM Desktop Software, it says that the calendar is nout conduit is not found