DejaOffice for Android 1.11.7 Beta Improves Calendar View, Adds Ringtone Management

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Update: DejaOffice 1.11.7 is officially available in the Android Market.

The latest beta of DejaOffice for Android brings a host of new features, interface improvements, and bug fixes. In this post, I’d like to highlight two of them.

First, we’ve improved the calendar “Month View.” With a large amount of data in DejaCal, the month view could get fairly crowded and hard to read. By cleaning up the interface, we’ve made it much easier to view your agenda. For now, you’ll need to enable “Tablet Mode” to see this change.

Second, due to popular request, we’ve added custom ringtone management to DejaContacts. Now, when creating or editing a contact, you’ll be able to assign a specific ringtone. You can also assign ringtones to categories, making it easy to determine if an incoming call is business or personal! Of course, for custom ringtones to work, you’ll need to be syncing DejaOffice with the native Android contacts.

These are just two of many great new features and improvements in DejaOffice for Android 1.11.7 beta. Full release notes are available after the break, and you can download the latest beta today from

DejaOffice 1.11.7 Release Notes:

– Fixed an issue where Tasks were not being sorted by priority in DejaToday
– Fixed an issue where “last day” recurring events did not sync or save properly
– Improved UI for month view in tablet mode
– Added option to set ring tones in DejaContacts and to set ring tones for entire categories
– Snoozing and dismissing recurring task alarms now works properly
– DejaCalendar now displays the appropriate categories in the category filter
– Manual Sync Mode can only be enabled after 3 unsuccessful USB sync attempts
– Improved view screen UI for all day events
– If multiple alarms go off at once, the old alarm screen will be displayed, so you can see all alarms and snooze/dismiss all
– PC Wi-Fi Sync browser test now displays “DejaOffice Wi-Fi Sync Available”
– Improved Wi-Fi sync dialog
– Added “Sync selected contact/calendar categories option on Sync Settings
– Improved Sync Settings screen UI
– Search results now stay after multiple selections from search results
– Improved Contacts view screen UI for phone numbers and dialing/texting contacts
– Added Wi-Fi network name to Wi-Fi Settings screen and when pressing Synchronize in DJO
– Fixed an issue where all tasks automatically rolled over with or without the setting on
– Added “Omit Ring during Meetings” option to Alarm Setting
– Fixed issues where the “Me” native contact could be deleted on HTC Sense devices
– Fixed an issue where alarms for all day events would not ring at the appropriate time
– Fixed an issue where masked records were not showing masked in the 4×4 widget

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