Introducing DejaToday Widgets for Android (DejaOffice 1.10, part 1)

DejaOffice 1.10 for Android is a significant update. We’ve added a number of major new features and, as such, wanted to take the time to go through a few of them in greater detail. Over the next few days, I’ll be highlighting the following new features: Widgets, Global Search, Calendar Improvements, and Recurring Tasks.

Today, I want to focus on widgets. Widgets are a great way to add “at-a-glance” information to your Android’s home screens. They come in many varieties, from clocks to weather to e-mail and much more. So what do our widgets do? They display your DejaToday information. Today’s calendar events and tasks, as well as any contacts related to these activities, are displayed on either a 4×1 “marquee” style widget or a large, 4×4 overview widget.  We designed these widgets to help you be even more productive on the go. A quick glance at your home screen is all it takes for you to keep tabs on your schedule! Additional details regarding any of the activities displayed in the widget are only a touch away.


To add a DejaOffice widget, simply tap and hold on any empty spot on your home screen, select “widgets” from the popup, and choose either the “DejaToday 4×1” or “DejaToday 4×4” widget. Then, sit back and enjoy have easy access to all your important information!

We hope you find these new widgets as useful as we do! If you have any questions on how they work, or have feature suggestions for future updates, please let us know! And be sure to check back tomorrow to learn about the new Global Search feature in DejaOffice 1.10!

Introducing DejaToday Widgets for Android (DejaOffice 1.10, part 1) was last updated February 28th, 2011 by David Z

22 thoughts on “Introducing DejaToday Widgets for Android (DejaOffice 1.10, part 1)

  1. Any update on customising the Today widget (4×1)? It looked okay before the latest update but now it looks all flat and square and my contact photos are overlapping the text as the font size is too big…

  2. Our Widgets get their settings from the DejaToday module in DejaOffice. Go to DejaOffice > DejaToday > Tap the 3 vertical dots in upper-right > Sort Tasks By > Sort by Due Date.

    That should fix it.

  3. I just added the widget to my phone. I have a lot of tasks in DejaOffice. The task list in the widget seems to be random. How do I get it to display the most important tasks or all the tasks from one category? Thanks.

  4. Many thanks for this hint. I have spent weeks to try to find out why the today widget dissappered ….

  5. Moving DejaOffice to the SD card does remove the widgets – you’ll see them reappear if you move DejaOffice back to the internal memory of the device. We are working to find a way for widgets to work while the app is on the SD card – please look for this in a future release.

  6. I am using Deja Office 2.3.3 on Android 2.3.6 (or at least I think I am). I can’t find this calendar widget. When I select widgets, there is no Deja anything that comes up in the choices. I’m missing something I’m sure. Can anyone tell me how to make the calendar widget available?

  7. I agree with the requests for styling the widget, i.e., font sizes, font colors, etc.. Also, I would like to ask for other sizes, specifically 4 by 2. Also, to save ‘space’ on the smaller versions, allow us to NOT show the ‘header’ area, i.e., no Deja Calendar icon, no ‘day of week’ label, no date. Many people use ‘digital clock/weather’ widgets, which already show this info. By removing the header, you’ll have more room for actual data, even at larger font sizes.

  8. We have a lot planned for DejaOffice in the coming months. I’ll be sure to let the team know about your requests for customizable widgets. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. I agree.  At least be able to change the font color and opacity.  The white text is very hard to read on the wallpaper I am using.

  10. It would be nice if there was options on styling the widget ie being able to change the colour and text colour so it can be personalized

  11. I just tested this on one of our devices by creating 3 events today and 4 tomorrow. I can see all 7 events in the widget. Open DejaOffice, then go to Settings>DejaToday Settings. There’s an option there called “Show Future Days” – what is that set to, out of curiosity? Also, how many events do you have on each day, and how many are shown in the widget? Knowing that should help me troubleshoot what’s going on!

  12. Hi, I need use the widget for only dejacalendar appointments. I need show the next 2 day’s appointments but the widget shows only 2 entries of the next day. How I can configure the widget for my goal? Thanks in advance.

  13. We added support for syncing to Google Tasks in CompanionLink build 4045, so it’s in the current build, available on our downloads page.

    It should be noted that Google Tasks are still in Google labs. As long as that’s the case our Google Tasks sync will be in beta.

    As such, Google Task sync is disabled by default. You can enable it in CompanionLink by clicking the Google Settings button, then checking the box for “Sync to Google Tasks (Beta)”.

    Hope that helps!

  14. Hi, this is a bit of topic, but when is the new version of clink coming out with support for syncing outlook tasks with google tasks through the new Google tasks API.  I was told by CL that this would happen in June.  Thanks

  15. here’s the concept: the 4 x 4 is fine. it just needs an additional show setting: this setting is to show next x (we supply x) number of appointments, followed by tasks due today. that will give us the control we need and handle 90% of the objections.

  16. Would really like to see a scalable widget.  Or at least a 2×2 and a 4×2.  Neither of these are overly functional for my current screen setup.  However, a good start.

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