Syncing with the Palm Pre 2 and webOS 2.0

Sync with the Palm Pre 2

Update: USB sync is now live for all webOS devices! Read about it here.

The recently released Palm Pre 2 ships with the latest version of the HP/Palm webOS operating system, webOS 2.0. Due to core changes in the underlying operating system, CompanionLink’s USB sync is currently not compatible with webOS 2.0 devices like the Palm Pre 2.

CompanionLink’s current recommendation is to sync the Palm Pre 2 via Google. CompanionLink syncs your PC data with any Google or Gmail account. Google then syncs automatically with the Palm Pre 2 over a wireless data connection. Two-way sync is fully supported.

CompanionLink plans to update our USB sync software for webOS devices in the near future to support webOS 2.0. Inquiries about compatibility with the Palm Pre 2 should be directed to

Syncing with the Palm Pre 2 and webOS 2.0 was last updated October 14th, 2011 by Andy Sheragy

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  1. You wouldn’t need to purchase CompanionLink twice, you’d just need to ensure you buy (or upgrade to) CompanionLink Express. Express features the ability to sync with 2 profiles (devices, in your case), allowing you to keep both the Pre 3 and the TouchPad synced up. Hope that helps!

  2. Long time Palm user and supporter! I have a Palm Pre 2, webos and although CL USB still reliably updates calendar and contacts with my Palm Desktop app, I can no longer see my memos on the phone.  The following error message is displayed ‘1st ORDER BY term out of range – should be between 1 and 4’.   Can you help me solve this problem?

  3. Pleaase I am getting my Pre2 in about two weeks, and I do not want to use chapura, I REALLY like CL it works just amazing… THANKS

  4. Wow!  This is awesome news!  Can’t wait to get this loaded on my new Palm Pre 2!  Thanks CL!

  5. I have over 12,000 calendar entries that Companion Link transferred and synce to my palm pre plus flawlessly.  I depend on this software and I just purchased a Palm Pre 2.  I need this software bad.

  6. Just wanted to update everyone – we plan to continue our efforts to support USB sync with webOS 2.x and above. Expect an update on our progress soon!

  7. According to my palm pre… IT emailed to my gmail accounts.  I sent several, all said “sent successful” or something like that. I opened the email accounts, but NONE of the pictures were there … suggestions?

  8. HP’s announcement certainly was unexpected. We’re currently evaluating where we are at and how best to proceed based on this news. At this point, I don’t have an answer for sure one way or the other, but I will be sure to post an update when I do.

  9. Since WebOS has now (by accident) a much broader user base, I hope we won’t just forget it…

  10. Given the current news, is the update still on the works, or should we just forget it… PLEASE HELP

  11. THANK YOU THANK YOU, will be getting it as soon as it is availiable. THANKs a LOT..

  12. Please update it for the Pre3, I do not want to use another program I really like CL USb Sync, its fast and easy to use…

  13. I’m happy to report we’ve recently make a breakthrough in our efforts for USB sync with webOS 2.x and above! Currently, we’re working out the details and should have something ready in 30 days. I’ll be sure to post on the blog when it’s ready to go!

  14. [quote] CompanionLink plans to update our USB sync software for webOS devices in
    the near future to support webOS 2.0. Inquiries about compatibility
    with the Palm Pre 2 should be directed to[/quote]

    What is the status about this statement? Any schedule what ‘near future’ means ??

  15. True – syncing via Google does limit the data that can be synced. That said, due to the nature of webOS’s current iteration, it is the only sync method we are able to support at this time. If/when that changes, we will definitely be posting an update to our blog!

  16. if you sync with google you will only be able to get the basic Contact and Calendar info.  you will not be able to get attachments or notes.  sort of sucks…

  17. With the TouchPad, our Sync via Google method is your only options at the moment. Just use CompanionLink to sync from Outlook (or Palm Desktop, ACT!, or whatever you may be syncing from) to Google. Then setup Google on the TouchPad to sync the data back down.

    We’re still keeping our ears to the ground for info on the necessary API’s that would allow us to sync via USB, but at this point we have no new news. If/when we hear something, I’ll be sure to post it on our blog!

  18. Is it possible to get the sync software onto the HP Touchpad as I cant find it in the catalog. Would this allow me to sync to the toucpad? Alternatively has there been any progress in getting the API’s for Webos 3 and a Touchpad compatible version being released?

  19. Sync via Google remains an option. Unfortunately, webOS 2.x still limits our access to the necessary pieces of the puzzle that would enable syncing via USB or other methods. 

    webOS 3 should be on its way. We’re hoping that the update will bring the necessary APIs for us to work with, but at this point it’s still unknown.

  20. Palm’s focus seemed to shift with webOS. Obviously, now the platform is in HP’s hands, which likely means even more shifting around. I’m not 100% clear on what you’re asking (sorry!), but even though HP bought Palm, they didn’t drastically alter the webOS platform. Without knowing the specific details, your calendar information shouldn’t have changed. 

    If you could clarify what you’re asking, hopefully I’ll be able to provide some help!

  21. I have a Palm Pre from Sprint. Before the Palm 2. We could put our Palm calendars from items like the TX out in a Palm Calendar that could then be a base for then Pre phone calendar, Google calendar and the Outlook calendar. The Palm Pre calendar has vital information of mine that goes back 5 years. Does that calendar still exist now that Palm has been sold? I have lost contact with it through Companionlink.

  22. I will also wait for the USB sync directly with desk pc. No want to put all data out on cloud to be hacked.

  23. Unfortunately, no. At this point it is in HP’s hands to update the OS. We’ll definitely post as soon as we know any news, though!