UPDATE: SD card required for Android USB Sync

Last week, we saw the launch of the HTC Droid Incredible, an impressive new Android handset. The Incredible, as we soon discovered, was the first Android phone launched in the US in which some units did not ship with an SD card (but rather, boasted 8GB of internal memory). This initially presented a few problems, as CompanionLink’s USB sync for Android depends on a memory card being present to store the sync data. CompanionLink is currently evaluating the viability of using the phone’s internal memory to store sync data. To ensure your sync with the Droid Incredible runs without a hitch, make sure you have a microSD inserted into the phone.

MicroSD cards are cheap and readily available – Google should be able to help you track one down.

For more information about syncing the HTC Droid Incredible with your PC, head on over to www.companionlink.com/incredible

Image courtesy of SanDisk
UPDATE: SD card required for Android USB Sync was last updated May 7th, 2010 by Andy Sheragy

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