CompanionLink works with Google Sync (Beta)

This week, Google launched their free over-the-air sync service with iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.  They already offered this for BlackBerry devices.

Google Sync (Beta) allows you to wirelessly sync Google contacts and calendar events with iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.

CompanionLink fits this puzzle by allowing Outlook, Lotus Notes and other PIM users to sync their desktop data with their Google accounts.  Once this data is in their Google accounts, it’s automatically pushed to their phones using Google Sync (Beta).

So essentially, with one license of CompanionLink for Google (runs you $29.95), you can have a complete two-way wireless sync solution between Outlook, Google, and your phones.


CompanionLink works with Google Sync (Beta) was last updated April 7th, 2011 by Rushang

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