Microsoft's cloud computing services

Better late than never.

Microsoft will be releasing their own cloud computing and data synchornization services in 2009.

They’re planning 3 offerings:

  1. SkyBox: repository for all your contacts, calendar events, email and pictures.  This is aimed at consumers and will sync with their phones. This seems to be their answer to Apple’s Mobile Me.
  2. SkyLine: this is SkyBox revised for enterprise-level customers.  It will sync with Microsoft Exchange.
  3. SkyMarket: online marketplace for mobile applications.  This seems to be their answer to Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Here’s a complete breakdown of their offerings.

CompanionLink will be looking for ways we can extend Microsoft’s SkyBox services to popular CRM and PIM solutions.  Stay tuned…

Microsoft's cloud computing services was last updated April 7th, 2011 by Rushang

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