Why iClink is required for iPhone wireless sync

First, the facts:

1. CompanionLink can sync wired or wireless with the iPhone.

2. Wireless sync with iPhone requires iClink – software that runs on your iPhone.

Why do you need iClink to wirelessly sync between your CRM/PIM and their iPhone?  Here’s why.

1. Apple only allows developers to wirelessly sync data with the iPhone’s native address book.  Apple does not allow data to sync with the native calendar application on the iPhone.  This poses a problem for CRM/PIM users who need their calendars and tasks on their iPhone.  iClink has custom Calendar and Tasks applications.

2. iClink works with CompanionLink Pro on your PC to sync data.  It does so by using a secure username and password to exchange data.

So essentially, this is how wireless sync with iPhone works:
CRM/PIM <> CompanionLink’s wireless servers <> iPhone (iClink)

Why iClink is required for iPhone wireless sync was last updated April 7th, 2011 by Rushang

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