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Act! on your Android Phone and Tablet

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For Android Phones and Tablets, we recommend the DejaOffice for Act! App from the Google Play store. DejaOffice holds Contacts, Meetings, Calls, and To-Dos together, and with the same internal formats as in Act!. DejaOffice synchronizes to Android Native Accounts for Contacts and Calendar.

If you don't want to use DejaOffice, select the Google Sync feature below for a simple and clean sync through Google.

*Recommended, Secure, Automatic, Fastest
Act! to Android using DejaCloud
Act! sync for Android DejaCloud Sync Android sync with Act!

Advantages: DejaOffice is a landing pad for PC Act! data on Android. Contacts, Companies, Meetings, Calls, Todos, Attachments, Journal. Supports multiple devices and multiple PC's easily. After the initial sync, sync time is instant and automatic.

Disadvantages: DejaCloud is a subscription service. Your purchase covers the first year, and after the first year it costs roughly $5 per month


  1. Install CompanionLink on your PC
  2. Install DejaOffice on your devices
  3. Set DejaCloud sync, Real Time sync

Setup Guide: Act! Android Sync using DejaCloud
Act! Android Sync using Wi-Fi
Act! Android Sync using USB
About DejaCloud

Sync to native Contacts and Calendar
Google Sync Act! to Android
Act! Google Sync Via Google Sync Android Act! Sync with Google

Advantages: Your PC Syncs to Google, and Google Syncs to your phone. This is a great choice if you require your Act! data in Google Calendar and Contacts for other reasons. CompanionLink for Google sync can be set automatically and will run in background on your PC.

Disadvantages: Google has limited Task capabilities and no recurring tasks. No Notes Sync. Google Tasks do not go to many Android Phones, although Samsung is now supporting them.


  1. Install CompanionLink on your PC
  2. Set Google Sync
  3. Set Auto-Sync, Timed or Manual Sync

Setup Guide: Act! Sync to Google

High Security, HIPAA Compliant
CLSH Sync Act! to Android
Act! CLSH Sync Android

Advantages: CompanionLink Secure Hosted Wireless (CLSH) is a point-to-point sync that does not store data on the cloud. It is used in high security sites that need wireless capability but cannot store data on external servers. DejaOffice is a landing pad for PC Act! data on Android. Contacts, Activities, Notes, Histories. Supports one device per profile. Different profiles require different CLSH accounts. CLSH is HIPAA compliant because it acts only as a transfer mechanism and no data is stored on the cloud.

Disadvantages: CLSH secure hosting is $9.95 per month. It's a point-to-point service so two devices requires two CLSH accounts.


  1. Install CompanionLink on your PC
  2. Install DejaOffice on your devices
  3. Set CLSH Sync

Setup Guide: CLSH for Android.

Pro version supports all Android phones and tablets, includes DoubleLook Mode for automatic sync from Act! to Outlook, and can handle multiple Act! databases and calendars.

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