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The Category Manager is an advanced configuration tool used in CompanionLink Professional & CompanionLink Express that allows you to sync multiple databases or database folders with your device.

When syncing multiple databases with your device, CompanionLink will use the category field on the device as an indicator of which original database each record belongs to. This allows you to keep two sets of data on your device without mixing your databases.

Accessing the Category Manager

To access the Category Manager, open the CompanionLink Settings, click Settings on the left and select Category Manager.


Common scenarios:

1. Syncing multiple Outlook folders to a single device

Many users keep their data in multiple Outlook folders, such as a local folder and an Exchange folder. Your Outlook folder names will be represented on the device as categories.

2. Syncing multiple databases or data folders to a single device

CompanionLink will use the category field on the device to represent each database source.

3. Syncing a single database with multiple devices

You don't need the Category Manager to sync a single database with multiple devices. Simply set up a new device Profile for each device you wish to sync with.

4. Syncing multiple databases with multiple devices

This is an advanced configuration - please make sure to make a backup of all your databases before you begin.

For each device you wish to sync with, you'll need to create a Profile.

Then, under each device profile, configure the Category Manager using these instructions:

5. Excluding a category on the device from syncing

The Category Manager can also be used to prevent a specific category on your device from syncing back to your PC or web database.

Excluding a category on the PC from syncing

This does not require Category Manager. In the CompanionLink Advanced Settings, there is a Category Filter tab that you can use to filter specific categories in your database from syncing to your device.

Troubleshooting the Category Manager

I deleted the Business category. Now what?

  • If you deleted the Business category from CompanionLink, close CompanionLink and reopen it. If the category still exists in your handheld application, it will be readded.
  • If you included the Business category as a special category or excluded the Business category,

you will need to delete the companionlink.ini file(s) and reconfigure CompanionLink.

  1. Open CompanionLink Setup
  2. Press ctrl+shift+d (or ctrl+alt+d if you use Palm Desktop)
  3. Delete all the files in this folder
  4. Close CompanionLink Setup
  5. Reopen CompanionLink
  6. You will have to go back through and set CompanionLink back up.

My Outlook categories don't show in Category Manager.

You will need to reset the master category list in Outlook. To do this:

  1. Close CompanionLink Setup if it is open.
  2. Open Outlook.
  3. Go to the Contacts area.
  4. Highlight any contact record.
  5. Go to the Edit menu and select Categories.
  6. Click on the Master Category List button.
  7. Click Reset.
  8. Click OK and then OK again.
  9. Exit Outlook.
  10. Open CompanionLink Setup.
  11. Click on Category Manager
  12. Your Outlook categories should now be present.

Why isn't my secondary database transferring?

  • Too many categories in your handheld: Palm handhelds are limited to 15 categories, including Business and Unfiled. This means that you can set up 13 other categories. If you have more than this many categories, your secondary database may not transfer. To check for this, look on your handheld and see if the category name for your secondary database is present. If it is not, then you will need to reduce the number of categories. Usually, this can be done by setting the Category Field in the main CompanionLink settings to Business.
  • Special category settings missing. If you open CompanionLink Setup and click on Category Manager, do you see a green plus sign with your secondary database listed below? If you do not, then you will need to readd your secondary database.
  • Incorrect settings. Open CompanionLink Setup and click on Category Manager, then Next if you see the user profile screen. Highlight the name of your category then click on Application Settings. Click Yes and then review your settings. Make sure you have the right database selected and that you have the transfer method set correctly.
  • Looking at the wrong category. Please make sure that you are looking in the category for your secondary database in your handheld. The records would be in the category selected in Category Manager. If you are using a Palm and are looking for your secondary database in the Datebook, please note that this data will appear merged with your primary database data.

The linking info for my secondary database doesn't transfer.

In order for the linking information for activities to appear on your handheld, you must also transfer the contacts for that database. If you have added only the calendar as a secondary database, then the linking information would not transfer. You would see only what the activity is regarding, and not who is scheduled with.