Express vs Pro

CompanionLink Version Comparison

CompanionLink for Outlook provides simple and basic synchronization.

CompanionLink Express gives you two profiles, and DejaCloud sync for three devices.

CompanionLink Pro supports the most powerful CRM tools, and contains more detailed settings. It also supports up to five profiles and five DejaCloud devices.

Subscription vs PurchaseYou can purchase a subscription or purchase the product. The Purchase and 2-Year subscription are a one-time purchase. For the 2-Year we will send you a notice when the two years is up. The Monthly and 3-Month subscription is a recurring charge.

If you use USB or Wi-Fi sync, a single-time purchase is the lowest cost. If you use DejaCloud Sync, then the two-year subscription is the lowest cost. Your DejaCloud service will continue and we will remind you if you are still unsing it in two-years. No credit card will be kept on file.

CL for Outlook
Cl for Palm Desktop
CL ExpressCL ProCL FA
Sync Contacts, Calendar,
Tasks and Notes
Number of Profiles1 1 2 5 5
Sync Sources2 Single SingleMultipleMultiple
DejaCloud Devices 2 3 5 5
Outlook for Mac
Palm Desktop
Time & Chaos
Act! Cloud Essentials
Act! Premium Cloud
IBM Notes
Lotus Notes
Sugar CRM
Subscribe - 3 Months
Software and DejaCloud
$14.95 $24.95 $34.95 $34.95
Subscribe - 2 Years
Software and DejaCloud
$89.95 $169.95 $199.95 $199.95
one year of DejaCloud)
$69.95 $99.95 $149.95 $149.95

1Profiles are used for sync destinations. Two profiles lets you sync to two places; DejaCloud and Google for instance, or two Wi-Fi devices

2Sources are Contact or Calendar databases. Two folders in Outlook would be two sources. A customers and prospects file in Act! would be two sources. CompanionLink Pro allows you to map every different source to a category on your handheld device.

3If you use DejaCloud, then the 2-Year subscription is the best deal. This is a one-time purchase and we will send you a letter in two years.

4If you do not use DejaCloud, have only a single device or PC, then the purchase is the best deal.

Last modified: May 1, 2022 12:11 am