Follow up to ACT! road show (San Francisco)

The road show went great!  People left with a clear understanding of what ACT! 2010 offers and how CompanionLink allows them to sync ACT! data with virtually any major smartphone on the market today.

This broad compatibility with all smartphones makes CompanionLink unique.

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Video: How to sync ACT! with Google


Why sync ACT! with Google?  Because then you can use the free Google Sync service to sync data between Google and your phone.  This gives you free wireless sync of ACT! contacts and calendar with your phone, courtesy of CompanionLink (a one-time purchase) and Google Sync (free).

Here’s more info about how it works.

Closing ACT! activities and creating history item

CompanionLink allows you to complete an ACT! calendar activity on your phone.  CompanionLink allows creates a History item for the completed activity.

You can do this by inserting a forward slash “/” in the subject line of the calendar activity on your phone.

For example, if you have a phone call at 2:30 that needs to be marked as complete, you can insert a “/” at the beginning of the subject of the calendar activity:

/(c) Follow-up with CompanionLink

When CompanionLink will sync this data back to ACT!, it will complete the activity and create a History item in ACT!.  Of course, History needs to be enabled under the Note Options tab.

Lotus Notes to Google Apps migration

Google just released a tool to migrate Lotus Notes data to Google Apps.  Companies that want to migrate their users from a Lotus Notes/Domino server to Google Apps now have a seamless solution for one-time migration.

For companies that choose to stay with Lotus Notes but also want to take advantage of the benefits of Google (such as their free mobile sync solution called Google Sync), CompanionLink has a solution!

CompanionLink for Google will sync Lotus Notes data with Google.  Then, users can use Google Sync to sync over-the-air with their phones.  This gives Lotus Notes users a mobile sync solution without paying any monthly subscription fees.

Google Apps Status Dashboard

Do you use any of Google’s services like Gmail or Calendar?  Google has released a new Status Dashboard that shows what the state of their services are.

You can access the Google Apps Status Dashboard here.

If your CompanionLink solution is giving a connection error when trying to sync with Google, you may want to check out this Dashboard first.  It might be that Google is having some problems.

Updated PowerPoint for Affinity Partners

CompanionLink has an updated PPT for Affinity Partners.  The PPT does a good job of explaining some basic solutions, and the ability to sync with Google and use Google Sync to get free wireless sync with your phones.

ACT! Affinity Partners can download the PPT here.

GoldMine Affinity Partners can download the PPT here.

Sync ACT! data with Palm Pre

CompanionLink already has the capability to sync ACT! data with the Palm Pre — even before the Palm Pre has been released!  How’s that for fast?

Using CompanionLink Express, ACT! users can sync their contacts, calendar activities, to-do items, notes and histories to their Palm Pre using their free Google account as an intermediary.

Here’s how it works:
ACT! data <> CompanionLink Express <> Google account <> Palm Pre

Visit this page for more info.

CompanionLink working with BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Here’s a forum post from a user who has set up CompanionLink to work closely with Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) and Outlook.

If you’ve already invested in BES, you can quickly set up CompanionLink to sync your CRM/PIM (like ACT! by Sage) with your Outlook account.  Once your data is in Outlook, your BES will automatically sync it with your BlackBerry phones.

It’s really that easy.

Read about the user’s experience here.

Sync services by Microsoft, Apple and Google

MyPhone: they host your data on the web and sync contacts, calendar and photos with Windows Mobile devices.  This is a free service offered by Microsoft.

MobileMe: they host your data on the web and sync mail, contacts, calendar and photos with iPhone devices.  This is a paid service, currently $99/year.

Google Sync (Beta): syncs Google contacts and calendar (hosted on the web) with iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.  This is a free service offered by Google.

We’re excited at the introduction of these services!  It gives users a reliable and affordable way to sync to their phones, over-the-air.

So do you still need CompanionLink with the introduction of the services mentioned above?  The answer is Yes.

For example, if you’re using ACT!, Lotus Notes, Outlook BCM, Palm Desktop, GroupWise or any other PIM/CRM that’s not supported by the cloud services above, you’ll need CompanionLink to sync this data.  The cloud services can’t access your data.

While our software can sync directly to your phone and bypass the need for the cloud services above, we’re also looking for ways to work with Microsoft, Apple and Google’s sync services.  This will allow you to use CompanionLink to get data from your PIM/CRM to the services above, and then rely on their push-sync to get that data to your phones.

This is what we’re working on:
PIM/CRM <> CompanionLink <> Cloud services (above) <> your phone

Stay tuned to this blog for the lastest developments and a timetable for when we’ll support these mobile sync services.  In the mean time, if you need to sync your PIM/CRM data with your phones, just use CompanionLink’s direct sync.