Top Reasons to Choose Linux VPS Over Amazon and Azure

When your small business is looking at hosting solutions, do not overlook the fast simplicity of LAMP; choose a Linux VPS from a reliable provider. While Google, AWS and Azure dominate the marketing airwaves for cost and portability reasons, consider exploring Cloudzy’s expert Linux VPS solutions for a fast, secure and trustworthy product or service to your customers.

The world is full of glitzy and expensive products and services. Who does not admire a nice Lamborghini or modern glass office building? But that does not mean your business purchases expensive cars for deliveries or an expensive office space for workers. Practical businesses need a solution that is cost-effective and efficient. And the same goes for VPS technology.

When we look at the costs, a Linux VPS is cheaper than Amazon or Azure. They are good for people just starting or for small and medium businesses. You also spend less money to keep them running and to update the software. You do not pay for basic things or help like with other hosts. Compared to Azure or AWS, small companies can save about 75% to 80% on monthly hosting with LAMP and Linux VPS.

Working Fast

LAMP and Linux VPS give you all the server resources you need. So, you do not share with others like with Amazon and Azure. The VPS makes your server good for your apps. This makes your site work better and load quickly. Think of it like a helper that knows everything you like. That is how fast your website can be with LAMP and Linux VPS. Simplicity and Easy to Use

LAMP and Linux VPS have easy server management. They are simple for users to set up and maintain. Users with little technical skills find this helpful. It is like writing with a pencil instead of using chalk-style paints.

Privacy and Safety

LAMP and Linux VPS let the user access the server root, which means they can change things more and have more power. You can install your software and set the server as you like. Amazon and Azure do not let you change many things, so you cannot do as much with your hosting.

Privacy and safety are important online. LAMP and Linux VPS control their security well. They follow laws for data and privacy. Amazon and Azure do not protect data privacy well. They can be a risk.

Put in Custom Software

A Linux VPS lets users put in custom software. You can have many hosting options. It is like adding special things to your car. Amazon and Azure services do not allow you to customize much. They are not as flexible. Server Control

With LAMP, you have complete control of your server. You can set it up the way you need. It is like a video game where you change the settings to suit your tastes. However, Amazon and Azure give you less control over your server.

More Control

A Linux server is very quick because it has its server resources. It is like driving on a smooth road with no holes, so you travel fast and easily. LAMP/Linux VPS makes the server just right for what you need, so it runs very well. But Amazon/Azure might be slow because they share resources.

Control is important. All server technologies let you scale a larger server and engage the host for a higher cost. But for anyone who needs to save money, how do you shrink your server? With Linux, you simply push your image to a smaller platform or another vendor. With the Big Data solutions, you are stuck rewriting code or your platform in another language.

Control is Essential

If you are in an industry that is subject to a shutdown, the type of server you choose is paramount. Naturally, no one wants to admit that a host would refuse to provide you with service. But for a variety of reasons, your host may tell you to move on:

  1. Marketing or Spam related reasons
  2. Political or Country of service-related reasons
  3. Gaming or Service related reasons
  4. Adult Content or Adult Services issues
  5. Take better advantage of competitive server costs

If your technology stack is based on LAMP, your website will be up and running in 24 hours with full database support – even if you need to transport your hosting half a world away. 

For a technology stack based on AWS or Azure, you are stuck in a single vendor solution and need to rewrite your product and service from scratch. So, changing vendors will easily cost you 2 or 3 person-years of labor.

Amazon and Azure have privacy issues. Their data sharing can make it hard to protect privacy. Many users make it harder to keep data safe, and data leaks happen more often.

Strong Open-Source Community and Peer-to-Peer Support

A big plus of Linux-based servers is the big community. They are ready to help with support and ideas. The community has many developers and users who offer hands-on care. They give many tools, like toolchains and libraries. These make it easy for people to start, take care of, and improve their hosting. Free Tools and Resources

The strong community gives users many free tools and resources that would cost money on Azure or AWS. Users can get guides, tutorials, cheat sheets, and other help. This helps users to set up and manage their servers.

LAMP has peer-to-peer help forums, which can be essential for Sysops, which need to understand concepts in their native non-English language. An entire forum in Hindi or Urdu may be the best way to understand an obscure technical bottleneck. Sysops can ask questions and get help from others. The forums are good for solving problems or learning the platform. The community is friendly and helpful. Users can get advice and best practices for the hosting solutions they want.


You must match hosting plans to your needs because one plan does not fit everyone in web hosting. If you pick a hosting plan just for its price or features and do not think of your website’s needs, it might make your website run poorly, have security problems, or not let it grow bigger. A small company with few website visitors does not need its server. However, a big company with many visitors might need more than one server. So, it is essential to consider how big your website is, how many people visit it, and what it needs before choosing a hosting plan.

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