Is It Possible to Download Facebook Videos?

People today spend a lot of time on social media. These are popular places where visitors can view all kinds of material: photos and videos. Moreover, they can add this format of data. In recent years, the need to upload videos from Facebook has become more and more frequent. Often people wonder if there is such a possibility. Let’s find out more about it.

Can You Download a Video from Facebook?

Thanks to modern technology, there is such an opportunity that can bail you out. Even if social systems would like to avoid such an outcome, various developers are working day and night to create and improve such tools. For example, if you need to get content from the popular platform Facebook, you can use FB downloader to get the video. It’s a comfortable platform that doesn’t let you down. There are quite a lot of such applications.

But only this option stands out to customers. You can find a file to download directly on the World Wide Web. When you choose a device to install, you should follow the instructions. Even a child can figure it out. So there’s no need to worry if anything happens. There are certain steps you need to follow for the content to appear on your phone. They are, in principle, quite common from platform to platform. But every tool is different. What is in demand today and which devices support such an application. Let’s find out further.

Popular Content Download Apps

It’s great that there is such an opportunity to download videos from social networks. Everyone spends a lot of time in such places. There are bound to be video snippets that you may strongly enjoy or need in your studies or work. So there is a need to save it to your device. Let’s look at the different popular options.

On the Computer

ClipGrab. This is a free and open-source, cross-platform downloader from Facebook and other services. You can also use this program as a converter to MPEG4, MP3, or other formats. Interestingly, the program has the option to select the quality when downloading. This is an important thing and often helps. It is also possible to set whether ClipGrab will add ID3 tags to your MP3 files.

KeepVid. The tool allows you to download any video from different sites using the URL on the Internet. Copy and paste such a link into the search field and Keepvid will download the video. Now you can not just revisit popular sites YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, DailyMotion, etc., but also download the necessary content directly. However, their service has been shut down for unspecified reasons. It no longer allows the user to download videos. So, it’s time to move on.

Freemake. This program is very popular with many users. It has the best download features. If you are an experienced professional and visit Facebook often, this program is really for you. Sometimes it can hang, which is the worst part of this program, but overall it has good features. It supports Windows and Linux operating systems. That’s great.

Inflac Downloader is a web service. It can be used on absolutely any device, Windows, Mac, Android, etc. With this service you can download any video in the best quality.

On the Phone

HD Video Saver. This tool allows you to download videos from various online resources for free. If you have such a need, there is no need to worry. This program is the easiest and fastest way to download your favorite videos. Moreover, if you need such content for study or work, you can safely install it. 

FastVid. It is an incredibly handy assistant for downloading videos from your social network to your mobile device in a variety of ways. The app will help you download stuff from Facebook to your phone. You can do this with a link/URL address, even without having to log in. A built-in browser with an increased level of security will also allow you to browse your account.

HD Video Downloader for Facebook. This is one of the best Facebook video downloaders that will help you get the high quality content you need: Full HD, 2K, 4K. It is very easy to use. You’ll know right away what you need to do to download the video.

Why Facebook Videos are Popular

Video has long been recognized as one of the most effective tools for realizing marketing goals. But you have to understand that video content also varies and that different types of such content get different responses. You need to constantly monitor trends and study how audiences on popular social networks react to different types of videos. Young people today also spend a lot of time on social networks.

This is largely due to the video content on Facebook. They are interesting, and interactive, with their own story. People also like to follow the characters who create this content. The study demonstrated how important visual content is for increasing audience engagement on social media. But it also showed that native videos are much better at attracting audience attention than photos and links to external resources like YouTube or Vimeo.


Summing up, it should be noted that now you know that you can easily download the video you like from the popular social network Facebook. You were able to get acquainted with the best applications that can help you. They are suitable for both phones and computers. Some of the tools listed support many other sites, which means you can also download videos from other sites.

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