How To Choose The Right Managed IT Service Providers For Your Business

It can be overwhelming to find a managed service provider (MSP), let alone the right one for your business. After all, there are so many out there. So, how do you know which one best suits your company? 

Getting the ideal information technology (IT) service provider can be beneficial in various ways. One of the most notable ones is that your in-house IT team can afford to focus on your core business operations. Thus, improving their productivity and efficiency. You can also visit or similar sites to see other benefits to your business. Essentially, extensive research is one crucial way to get the right MSP. 

Such research can include gathering information about the different providers and their reputations and making comparisons. As such, you can eliminate them one by one till you find the few most suitable service provider. Once you narrow down your list of potential MSPs, it’s essential to research each in more depth. You can use the below points as your checklist.

1. Consider Their Industry Experience 

IT requirements and regulations will differ from one industry to another. As such, the compliance needs will also vary. Therefore, selecting an MSP with operational experience in your sector of operation would be best. Such an MSP understands the regulations governing your business and the necessary timelines. As a result, you can avoid potential penalties and fines for late or non-compliance.

2. Consider The Providers’ Values And Competencies

When looking for a provider, you must consider their values and competencies. Find out if they have the same values as your company.  

It’s crucial to find a provider who shares your company’s values. Otherwise, you might struggle to achieve your desired IT system efficiency. The provider must also have the necessary competencies to meet your needs. For instance, say you’re looking for a provider to help you with extensive cloud-based solutions. In this case, looking for an MSP with significant cloud solutions experience is vital.

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3. Get Feedback And References From Clients

To determine if an MSP is right for your business, ask for references and feedback from previous and current clients. Ask to speak with both happy and unhappy clients. Doing so helps you to get a well-rounded view of what it’s like working with the MSP.  

If an MSP is hesitant or unwilling to provide references, that may not be a good sign. It could mean they have something to hide and aren’t confident enough in the quality of their work. Besides, seeking references is a typical procedure for obtaining new clients. As such, an MSP should be able to give you a list of their clients whom you can contact for more information.  

4. Check The Solutions The Provider Offer Versus Your Needs

You can dig deeper into the solutions they offer from the narrowed-down list of your top MSPs. Find out if their portfolio is robust enough. Additionally, determine if they have the right IT solutions to meet your company’s needs. You want to ensure the provider has all the services you require. Thus, you can avoid procuring the same from another MSP which can easily create duplicity. Besides, this can also inflate your IT costs.  

For instance, you’re looking for a data backup and recovery solution. Check if the MSP offers these specific services in their portfolio. Furthermore, look for a provider who meets your needs today and can scale up with your business as it grows. If you’re looking at cloud-based solutions, ensure the MSP can support your cloud migration of existing data and applications. Moreover, if you’re dealing with significantly sensitive data, confirm that they can offer security features like data encryption and access monitoring.  

Overall, looking for MSPs who can go beyond the basics and provide enterprise-level services tailored to your exact IT environment is crucial. That way, you’ll get reliable services, enabling your business’s growth.  

5. Enquire About Their Service Level Agreement

When dealing with an MSP, it’s crucial to have a solid Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place. The SLA helps specify the terms of your agreement and the level of service you’ll get.  

It should include the list of services the MSP will provide, as well as set out your expectations regarding response times and their issue resolution period. It should also lay out any penalties for failure to meet these expectations and any other fine print relating to the agreement.  

Being thorough with your SLA is vital to avoid misunderstandings down the line. Having a lawyer look over it would also be helpful. The lawyer can help interpret any legal jargon in the SLA. Besides, it ensures your protection, and you can get the level of service you desire from the MSP.


The bottom line when choosing a managed IT service provider is that you need to consider your specific needs, budget, and the provider’s industry experience and reputation. You can also check the provider’s location. Even though knowing where to start can be tricky, these essential tips should help narrow down your options, thus making it easier to select the right MSP for your business.

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