7 MacBook Features You Should Be Utilizing

In 2020, MacBooks from Apple entered a new age. The company stated that it was abandoning the Intel chips it had used since 2006 and released the first Macs with the Apple-designed M1 chip. In 2022, the company added four new chips to its lineup: the M1 Pro, the M1 Max, the M1 Ultra, which powers two of the most recent MacBook Pros, and the M2, which replaces the M1 chip.

Since their introduction, MacBooks have established themselves as some of the most popular laptops now available. They are well-designed, user-friendly, and packed with fantastic functionality. But why are they so well-known? Furthermore, why are they superior to Windows-based laptops?

Apple was one of the first firms to adopt the graphical user interface (GUI), and its initial Macintosh was a commercial success. The company never looked back since then, and the rest is history. But if you do not own a MacBook and it seems like poking a hole in your pocket, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Finance For Macs

Apple Macbook shipments totaled 5.8 million units during the third quarter of 2022, 570 thousand less than the previous quarter. Often, even after knowing the benefits of owning a MacBook, people cannot afford it. However, there are several ways you can finance it.  You can browse the many laptops available for rent-to-own! 

You can find the lowest prices on the most recent computer models without having to worry about credit checks or binding agreements. Simply select the laptop model you desire, apply for a leasing agreement, and if accepted, start making small monthly payments until you are ready to purchase the device outright. 

You can plan your budget, assess your finances, select a model and just click on the website. You can surf through different models or visit online stores for more information. The newest laptops can be purchased easily and affordably by renting them first. In the market for a new, powerful gaming laptop? You’re fortunate! You may shop from a wide range of the best gaming laptops on the internet, plus shipping is free!

Now, once you’ve made up your mind to treat yourself to a MacBook, let’s take a look at the features you need to be aware of:

MacOS 13 Ventura’s Battery Life For The Macbook

The M1 Max performs less well, but they are still excellent statistics, given the amount of power you have available. You might feel fine leaving your charger at home while you go out, depending on what you opt for.

You should only leave your MacBook plugged in all day, regardless of the model you have. Profit from the independence that an all-day battery offers. Install an app to prevent your MacBook from charging past 80% if you’re worried about keeping the battery in peak condition.

67w Usb-C Power Adapter For Apple

With a 67w USB-C power supply, any M2 MacBook Air (2022) model may be charged quickly. With the appropriate USB-C to Lightning adapter, you may also use it to quickly charge your iPhone or iPad. 

Be warned that even if you have a sufficiently strong adaptor, fast charging will only function through the MagSafe connector on the 16-inch MacBook Pro models. As long as the USB-C cable can support the charge, other models can use USB-C fast charging.

Charge And Power Over Usb-C Too

Newer 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021) and M2 MacBook Air (2022) models reintroduce MagSafe, unlike pre-Apple Silicon MacBooks, which could only be charged via USB-C. This innovative charging method secures your power cord as it charges using a powerful magnet that safely releases if you happen to catch it (saving your laptop from damage caused by a fall).

However, you are not limited to using MagSafe to power your laptop. A USB-C cable attached to the proper adaptor allows you to power all models with MagSafe. Even a USB-C display that is compatible with this might use this as its sole point of connection. Sadly, none of the MacBook Pro or Air models with MagSafe enable fast charging through USB-C.

Airplay Screen Mirroring On The Go

From an iPhone, iPad, or another Mac, you may use AirPlay to wirelessly send video and music to a device or mirror your screen. You can take your MacBook anywhere and use it as an AirPlay receiver to display images, videos, or anything else on your screen on a portable wireless monitor.

To Navigate MacOS, Use The Trackpad Gestures

Trackpad gestures are a nice addition to the macOS operating system. Even desktop Mac customers should invest in Apple’s optional Magic Trackpad because there are so many gestures that, with some practice, become second nature. But regardless of the model, all MacBook owners have an integrated trackpad.

Under System Settings > Trackpad, you may tweak the gestures and view their whole list. The most helpful movements include spreading three fingers and your thumb to swiftly show the desktop and pinching to zoom and rotate with two fingers for handling maps and photo editing. You can also swipe left or right with three (or four) fingers to switch spaces.

M1 Pro And M1 Max From Apple

The same hardware-accelerated playback choices, together with a single video decode, video encode, and ProRes encode and decode engine, are available on even the M2 MacBook Air. Both types can therefore be used by anyone who frequently works with video, while the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips are more suited for mobile professionals.

Utilize the SD Card Reader to access media or expand storage (MacBook Pro)

To the delight of photographers and videographers everywhere, an SD card reader is now standard on all 14- and 16-inch 2021 MacBook Pro models. Without a dongle, the card reader offers a convenient way to access media on an SD card (or microSD card with an adaptor).

Even if you’re not too inventive, you could use the memory card slot to expand the storage space of your MacBook by using an adaptor that sits flush with the chassis. Choose either the Transcend JetDrive Lite inside the capacity of your choice or the BaseQi 420A microSD Adaptor using your own microSD card.

Utilize A Virtual Machine To Run Windows

Windows may be installed on any Mac; it is not just available on the MacBook line or on the newest Apple Silicon models. Nevertheless, it’s such a fantastic feature that it was still important to mention. 

Now that most 64-bit x86 programs can run on Windows on ARM, there has not been a better time to get started. This is easy to do with a paid option like striking similarity Desktop 18, which uploads Windows and sets up everything for you. If all you care about is compatibility and not full desktop mode, users could even operate windowed Windows programs along with regular MacOS apps.

The MacBook is cool. Other laptop manufacturers try (and fail) to mimic their clean appearance, and Apple has spent years elevating its brand’s social image as exclusive and creative. There are many benefits to choosing a MacBook over other laptop types. It is obvious why MacBooks are top items in their respective industries when you consider how simple they are to buy and the rich multimedia experience.

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