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The résumé helps to tell you briefly and clearly what you have learned and what you can do. At the same time, it should “hook” the employer and present you as a successful employee. We have gathered tips on which points you should pay special attention to on your resume.

A perfectly polished and well-written resume is the main secret weapon in your job search. While most people dutifully work their way up the corporate ladder, you’ll get the hang of it right from the start and start flying high. This resume writing guide outlines the basic elements needed to create such powerful resumes.

It’s best not to write your final resume with a classic word processor. MS Word, Excel and similar programs are problematic in many ways and actually put obstacles in your way from the very beginning.

The established standard for most resume submissions is PDF. The benefits are obvious in most cases: uniform formatting that always stays the same no matter which viewer you use, and that can also be read by most software systems.

The ideal tools for creating clean, concise, and visually appealing resumes are dedicated online resume editors, also called resume builders. These web or software solutions are ideal tools for creating technically functional and content-optimized resumes that are, above all, visually compelling. Using a service/platform specifically designed for resume writing will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Visual Character, Patterns and First Impressions

We are all visually inclined. Our first impression is always based on aesthetics, symmetry and image.

When we are invited for an interview, we pay special attention to our clothes. You want to dress and appear the same as your interviewer. This may mean you need to check your appearance. For women that means using a good facial cleanser and light makeup to look cheerful and optimistic. For men it means being manscaped and groomed for C-Suite success.

So why shouldn’t we be just as careful with our résumé? After all, a resume is our most important business card even before we even get to our first meeting.

Of course, you can create your own templates, but if you are not a professional designer, it is better to use professional curriculum vitae writing service that work well in practice. Templates suggest a certain character or mood through their design: they can emphasize creativity, reliability, discipline, and other qualities.

Resume Formats: Structure Definition

Enough about looks. Now let’s plunge into the endless expanses of the text world. If we look at the main division of the text in the summary, then at the very beginning we will see three main forms:

  • Reverse chronological
  • Functional
  • Combined (mixture of both types)

The reverse chronological form is the most common. Such a resume is widely used in most industries and is practically expected by most employers. The main advantage of a reverse-chronological resume is its clear and understandable linear structure.

Here you will find competently composed examples of resumes for various professions.

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